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New. Super Mario Bros U or New. Super Luigi U?
NSMBU costs more and NSLU has the same levels pretty much, however NSLU does have a 100 second time limit for each mission. Which one do you think is better?



Reading the title I hoped the abbreviation was for something else. Now I am disappoint. ;__;
But I'd go with the NSMBU abbreviation for I thought it was about something else with men.

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What did you hope it was for?



New Super Mario Bros. U feels like the more complete package to me. If you want a more challenging experience though, New Super Luigi U is the way to go. The shorter levels aren't great for multiplayer though.

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Probably just go with RL

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since im assuming its a physical disk question your asking go with nslu if not then the original first, the dlc isnt going to be limited on the eshop



I prefer NSLU. It's much more fun to me.



I found NSLU a lot more fun and weirdly enough easier than NSMBU. Buy NSMBU and download NSLU dlc (it's cheaper than the retail version) if you can afford it.

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I enjoyed NSLU more. The level design is a lot better in that game IMO.

But you can also look at the amount of content. NSMBU has a lot longer levels and includes a challenge mode.

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¿Por qué no tener los dos?

(Why don't we have both?)

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Rayman Legends would be a better platform choice,but between these two games,Luigi U is far better.Yes it may have shorter levels and may feel like a rehash,but the levels are so much harder and much more fun because of than,and also the ability to Nabbit is worth the price alone.

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I would imagine Luigi (which is already hard), would be even harder if I had not played Mario before. Mario lets you explore more, whereas Luigi challenges you by twisting the original concept of the game.

Plus some of the coins in Luigi are almost impossible to find without internet help.

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Definitely NSMB U. One is a full game, the other is DLC. They sell them separately but the complete game is NSMBU. And no way is Rayman Legends better than NSMBU.

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