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Don't get me wrong guys, I love Nintendo and all but I hear a lot more about Ps4 and XboxOne more than the Wii U, I want Nintendo to do well but with a lot of 3rd party developers not coming to the wii u... this might be the end of Nintendo consuls wise.

The wii u is in HD yes love it but its still the lowest on the gamer poll.

What do you guys think, how can they get better.



Lawl I think you are in for an exciting thread that I intend on missing.


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Advertising better.

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"What do you guys think, how can they get better."

Not try to compete with xbox or Ps4. In this upcoming console generation the difference between ps4 and xbox are surprisingly little and are even closing the gap on PC's in terms of how they function. They are becoming so close i foresee that one will simply fall off the wayside and from the sounds of it, it might actually be xbox even with the DRM reversal . What id like to see nintendo do is to strengthen their exclusives even more and let xbox and ps4 play their game till one looses, just go crazy with all their IP's and boost new ones (Bayonetta ) and things like that.

For me i dont buy a nintendo console for 3rd party games, i buy it for exclusives because nintendo games never go else where and 3rd party games for nintendo tend to be exclusive also. Just looking at my future purchase list New Super Luigi , Batman Origins, AC4, Bayonetta , WWHD, Super Mario 3d world, Donky Kong ,Sonic lost worlds. Out of all of those i can buy 2 on the PC, and then there is the whole list of maybes because i never tried the series of the game such as pickmen 3, rayman , and wonderful 101.

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Pikachu208 wrote:

The wii u is in HD yes love it but its still the lowest on the gamer poll.

Never heard of this gamer poll, where is it?



Why isn't this thread locked already?

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Nintendo has tried their best to get 3rd parties from what it sounds like. They have had plenty of third parties on their side. From Tecmo Koei, Capcom and Square Enix, to Platinum Games, Ubisoft, and Kojima. Nintendo has tried their best, but its truly hard to uncover what Wii, and Wii U owners will buy, due to the vast audience Nintendo strives to achieve. So not many companies win with every result unless you're Nintendo.

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there is an existing thread here dealing with this. please feel free to join that conversation. thanks.

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