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As you all know, there is a new Sonic the Hedgehog game coming out for Wii U and 3DS. Use this thread for discussing the games (the 3DS version is reportedly different from the Wii U version) and posting information about it. Speculation is fine, but don't say that something is fact without a source please. Also, I'll change the thread name once the official title has been revealed.

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Sonic Colors and Generations were awesome. This new Sonic will be a must own game if it's half as good as they were. my pants.


I'm in after Color and Generations.

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Yeah, honestly 3D Sonic is the one series I wouldn't mind if they just keep making the same game over and over (though I know Generations and Colors are not exactly the same but you know what I mean) now that they've finally got it so right.

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Gamesake wrote:

Sonic Colors and Generations were awesome. This new Sonic will be a must own game if it's half as good as they were.

Took the words out of my mouth


pntjr wrote:

Sonic '06 U/3D

You know what makes me especially mad about that game (besides... Well, everything)? Sonic 06 honestly tried to switch things up and give the characters and the Sonic world more depth (each character has their own memorable themes, huge stages, ambitious intents, interwoven story, etc.)

Except that instead of trying to fix what went wrong (glitches, non-sensual story, glitches, bad animation, glitches, huge graphics/cutscene difference, more glitches), SEGA threw everything out the window and made Unleashed. They went back to playing safe right after they failed with the risqué unwilling to acknowledge that their ideas weren't problem; the final product was.

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spoilers: it's not gonna be Sonic Adventure 3

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A sequel to Colours. Please Sega.

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Not looking forward to the return of all his crappy dbz esque friends.

Just do something similar to co,Pre/Generations maybe adding tails or knuckles and chao garden.

As long as they keep the sound track like colors and generations where every act is a remix of the same song I'm happy. Loved the soundtrack to colors.


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I am really excited for the new Sonic game. I hope they bring back the Chao garden.

MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

It will be.... SONIC YARN!!!

They can't do yarn! That's Nintendo's thing. They'll probably go with something more like Sonic Silk.

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I, for one, am looking forward to the return of the other cast members. I hope there are several different playable characters.

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I hope that Sega can actually put in several playable characters without downgrading the quality of the game. Sega went way overboard with playable characters in Sonic Heroes and Sonic 06, and look what happened. I rather have one to three playable characters in an awesome game than six to ten characters in a mediocre or bad game.

But then again, the Sonic Advance series did it right. However, I think Sega should continue going in the direction of Colors and Generations since they are the best 3D Sonic games ever made so far.

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Finally a new Sonic game! I can't wait to play the fast and fun gameplay again! Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations are both awesome, so I have high expectations for this. More characters would expand the entertainment! I can't wait to get this when it releases this September.

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CanisWolfred wrote:

Is anything official yet? I thought it was all just a rumor...

Yep, still is. Inevitable that there'll be another Sonic sometime though.

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As an avid Sonic fan, I know a few things about the next Sonic game, but I have no idea what platform.

Before the 3DS was announced, there was an official listing for Sonic 3DS, and SEGA confirmed it was not Sonic Generations 3DS. However, the listing eventually disappeared. Nothing has been heard since.

A Wii U game has been hinted by Iizuka (Sonic president) to be in development. The man who sang Knuckles's rap songs from Sonic Adventure 2 recorded SOMETHING new for this game, and the man behind Happy Tree Friends, Sonic Colors, and Sonic Generations confirmed that he wrote the script for the next Sonic game.

About the playable characters, Iizuka has a theory he calls "Solo Sonica" which he explains that he wants to master one type of gameplay before moving into others. He also is known to despise Knuckles, and use him as little as possible.

There has been a confirmation that the next Sonic game is trying to be a "reboot" so I wouldn't expect Unleashed, Colors, and Generations gameplay, or at least not a carbon copy of it.

No release date, but it will probably be released by the end of this year. Since it will have been two years since that last big 3D Sonic game.

As I'm lazy, I won't post sources, but just google some of the things I said, and it should come up if you don't believe me.

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