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Lol, the latest thing I read said Wii U cost Nintendo $180 to produce the console only. Then an additional $50 for one controller. So that $230. Then they add on a $70 profit. Actually it doesn't sound too far fetched at 299.99 Why? Well Wii was $249, at launch. And I'd expect Wii U as a step up, to be a little more expensive ($50.00). Plus If they charge more for it like 349.99 I start to cringe and want to pass on Wii U! I think allot of people will feel the same way at over $300. I think that $299.99 is the sweet spot or right price. It's expensive but not out of this world expensive. For $249.99 I'll jump on Wii U and for $299 I'll grin and bear it



I've heard it's gonna be $250 for the basic console, $300 and $350 for other skus.

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$250 would rock, I'd just snap Wii U up at that price. But what exactly is the basic console? I am assuming that's the console and the controller?



Please feel free to take all discussion of Wii U pricing to this existing thread. Thank you! :3

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