Topic: Is Turbo: Super Stunt Squad for Wii U any good?

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If have to ask about quality, then it's bad

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Well it could be a sleeper hit - the movie intrigues me - I haven't seen a review yet of the game ... some things I have to ask about turn out pretty good!



It's a movie-based game, so that should tell you enough...

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$40 dollars seems like a good deal .... although movie based video games are notorious for being bad....... I would probably wait for the review or rent it to see if you like it...

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The ingame footage in the trailer looked pretty bad. Low level graphics and a choppy framerate, which shows that the developers didn't really try too hard to make the game. And since that's probably the case, the game is probably pretty bad. Sure it may be fun for a couple of days but I think you'll probably end up wasting your $40. Seems like more of a rental game to me

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LOL There's only 2 player posts on Miiverse as of now and 1 of them says "Well that was a waste of money". The other is undecided but it seems their convinced its bad too based on later posts in the comment section.
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ClassicSonicFan wrote:

It's a movie-based game, so that should tell you enough...


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Of course it's bad, it's a movie game. Movie games tend to suck, excluding games like the Spiderman ones maybe.


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