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Bronies4ever wrote:

Mickey wrote:

Because a Princess getting kidnapped is just biz casual. And I don't wanna hear anything like "but that happens all the time" it's still dramatic stuff.

That didn't make people cry though

The definition of drama: "a composition in prose or verse presenting in dialogue or pantomime a story involving conflict or contrast of character, especially one intended to be acted on the stage; a play." Funny. They forgot to add in "But definitely needs crying though."

EDIT: Screw it. I'm going with @Pinkie_Pikpik.

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Very true @Pinkie_pikpik (Though I will never watch My Little Pony; I will NOT be a brony), I was referring to a different meaning of dramatic, but anyway, Mario is meant for fun. Not drama. I am a big fan of storylines in videos and video games, but Mario does not matter in drama, the game is meant to enjoy the gameplay and have fun. Well said, @Pinkie_pikpik.



I think you mean "tragedy" instead of "drama".

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I think you need to go find another game to play if you want a story with actual subtance to it. Uncharted would be a good place to start.

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Let story driven games be dramatic, let Mario focus on gameplay and level design.

EDIT: But, if you want a dramatic Mario game, see Super Mario Sunshine.

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Super Mario galaxy had drama: What Rosalina did at the end of the game to save the day was pretty dramatic, it got me teary-eyed!

He just means that there are actually some good cutscenes, that actually show something! From a Mario "story-telling" point of view Galaxy was one of the strongest! You can bet that in this game there is just a very small cutscene at the beginning that shows Bowser kidnapping Peach (or someone else). It may be funny, but it won't have much impact!

I don't see why people are against just a little bit more of oomph, without losing the fun and light-hearted tone!

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I hope it's a romantic comedy.

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