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I realize that Nintendo already has the fighting genre covered thoroughly with Smash Bros, but what if they were to do another fighting game in a different style? I was talking with some friends of mine earlier who were debating what Fire Emblem characters should get added to the new Smash Bros game, when the idea came up; what if Fire Emblem got it's own fighting game? Honestly. I think that if it did, the style of Final Fantasy Dissidia would probably suit it better than Smash Bros, and there's certainly enough characters in the Fire Emblem universe to fill out a roster. I mean, even back when I was playing Fire Emblem 7, otherwise known as just Fire Emblem, I was seeing the characters battling it out on screen and imagining something like this instead:

Now, when I play Awakening, I can't help but think of this, and what could be:

I mean, heck, they could even have a grid for the single player just like in the regular old Fire Emblem games, but instead of battles being decided by stats, you'd just fight as the character on your side. They would only need to program in as many fighters as there are classes too, and then every Fire Emblem character ever could be on the roster as a reskin. Think Nintendo should do this? What are your thoughts?

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That is an awesome idea. Some suggestion; 1) the roster would be filled with 1 or 2 heroes from each game and possibly 1 to 2 villain, with each of their moves based on their personal style. 2) an assist would have a unit (Mage, fighter, etc.) attack the enemy. 3) Usable items equipped to each characters that can be used in battle to heal or temporary boost stats.



I think they should try to do an expirement by making a fire emblm game that plays normally for everything but the fighting, which would be real time and based more on skill than chance and strategy... Wait that's a horrible design.

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