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So I've seen a few pictures on the internet that have shown the earphone jack on the top of the game pad, rather than the bottom. I think this is an awful idea. The cord will get in the way of the screen! And if you put the cord behind it, you won't have a lot of room between the screen and your face unless the cord is really long.

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Yeah that was a pretty bad idea but hopefully it wont be as bad as we think.

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I would want them to change it, but I know there's pretty much no more time left to make changes. This makes me sad

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Actually, I find it annoying having the headphone plug sticking out when I'm trying to rest my handheld on my body while I'm playing, so if I could plug my headphones into the back and just loop the cord under it, it would actually be less annoying I think.

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Try a senheisser earphones...



Actually on the subject of earphones, this may sound like a silly question but here goes. Will the sound from the socket on the Gamepad be the complete sound f/x etc of the game or just spot effects?

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I would guess/hope that if you have the Wii U in "TV" mode the speakers work like the speakers in the Wii Remote, in "GamePad" mode it puts all of the sound through the speakers and if you put the headphones in it mutes everything and puts all the sound through the headphones.

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