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Topic: Child of Light Ordinary Flute Question

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Hey everyone. I'm playing Child of Light on Wii U right now, and just rescued the Lady of the Forest and received the ability to fly. I also received an item called "ordinary flute". Aurora asks its' purpose but the Lady fades away saying "I can't hear you". The description in the item page states "What does it do?" and I've tried google searching for over half an hour now with no luck.

Can someone enlighten me as to what this item does, exactly?

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There are certain parts of the game where the item is used automatically - you don't have to worry about at all, really.

As for a more specific and slightly spoilery answer....

There are certain parts of the game where Aurora will play the flute, generally when things seems dark. Even though the flute doesn't seem to have any true innate power, playing and hearing it seems to lift people's spirits....just a little.

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