Topic: American Eshop sale starting today.

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I thought the world was going to explode and the dumb thing about it was we got plenty of warnings... I am disappoint



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The only "fair" solution would be to reimburse people who own the game already whenever a sale comes up. But that's a tad absurd and never going to happen... unless Iwata feels bad.

If you buy a game for 19.99, it's because you felt is was worth 19.99. That's all there is to it, IMO. 99% of stuff in the world will be be reduced in price as time goes on, so it is simply something that should be considered when you buy something.

Iwata had very little to do with this. Developers are actually able to make their own sales

I was referring to when the 3DS had a price cut and early adopters were given games to make up for it.



DudeSean wrote:

Oh, great. I just bought Trine 2 at full price. This has happened to me with the 3DS eshop, too. I hate sales.

I've bought a bunch of games on the 3ds eShop that were later put on Club Nintendo as rewards.

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