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1. You can exchange any game for one of equal value
2. No game received in exchange can be exchanged for another game
3. No game exchanged can be re-acquired in exchange for another game
4. Exchanged games can only be exchanged with games from the same company

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If I download a Konami game then exchange it for a Capcom game then how does Capcom benefit from me playing their game? Would Konami have to send Capcom the money I paid for the Konami game?

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4. They give me everything for free.

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6. Make the Wii dispense free money.

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7. Release games on the VC.

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5. Release the long-awaited Pizza Channel

I can already order pizza online using the Internet Channel.

But then I can already watch episodes of Kirby on YouTube on the Wii and I still sometimes watch the Kirby TV Channel.

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Maybe, someone could get 2 games for the price of one easy though. The most simple of which is you play one to death and when you're bored with it exchange it, getting 2 games for the price of 1. Saving game a to the SD card as well, taking it out, exchanging, disconecting the wii to the internet and plugging the SD card in. They'd have to make it so the wii no longer plays that game.

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