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The DKC series was great, #3 usually gets some hate, but DKC3 was actually my favorite.

I love Banjo, even that GBA one was alright. (Not good, but still alright.) Can't speak about Nuts n Bolts since I have no 360, but it looks fun.

Goldeneye was amazing and Perfect Dark was cool.

Conker was a unique game that was pretty fun.

DK64: I'm not too sure about this one, I usually go in liking it at first and then slowly I get bored of it.

SFA was pretty fun, aslong as you didn't go in expecting a usual SF game or a game that could match Zelda.

Diddy Kong Racing was pretty good for it's time, and my age at the time. I don't care too much for it now.

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im with fox on this one. pefect dark was a sick game... im pretty sure no one is denying that....but im not gonna lie: perfect dark didn't really have the most impressive graphics at the time. it wasn't necessarily ugly but i mean it came out in 2000...sure it looked good for a 64 game but compared to the other stuff that was coming out it was pretty weak sauce. look at some of the other games that came out in 2000:

i mean games like deus ex and resident evil code veronica put perfect darks graphics to shame...its completly conceivable for some people to think that PDs graphics are weak.
still though it was a sick game...



grenworthshero wrote:

You guys are completely insane. Did you ever actually play the game? How can you possibly think Goldeneye looked better? The correlation between being 12 and thinking the game looks like crap is because 12-year-olds were born into this generation of gaming, and when compared to that, PD looks like poopie. Super Mario 64 looks better?! I suggest you actually, you know, open your eyes when you're playing games before you compare them.

Well - heres why mis amigo -

M64 and Goldeneye had simpler graphics - and the sytem could actually handle the games without the framrate dropping all over hell. And they had bright, iconic (ala Star Fox SNES) visuals that held up better over time than the crap PD tried to pull off - yes, I said tried.

PD is ok, fun mulitplayer and yes, a ton of work went into it. BU Goldeney has FAR better single player and does not strain the eyes. Goldeneye - for the win.

PD strained my eyes back in the day - I pappreciated what they tried to be, but they did not make it. Some is impressive, most feels forced and false....

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I see there wasn't any Conker on that list.

The best strategy in the game: go up stairs and pause balls.


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