Topic: RARE - overrated in hindsight?

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DKC series - yes beloved by youth who played SNES - but these are some of the worst/most generic platformers of that generation, an era of bad/generic platformers - it was all about the graphics - has shoddy edge detection on platfomrs, camera zommed in too far making levels about memorization instead of reaction......

Jet Force Gemini - this game was junk - but hyped to high Heaven - why?

Banjo Tooies - a big, craptastic mess - more does not equal better Rare....

Diidy Racinf - ick. (MK64 sucks to though, in their defense.

Killer Instinct - who cares?

Perfect Dark - story a joak, single player meh, multiplayer good.

Star Fox Adventures - made me cry

Blast Corps - pretty cool game with piss poor camera, but I can give an allowance for such an early game....

Banjo - Kazzoie - classic, 2nd best platformer on N64

Goldeneye - classic.

Anyway, RARE had thei moments, but not many...

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Nowadays, yea, they're overrated

The N64 days were their best times.


I don't think it was overrated as much as they just couldn't sustain the bar they set. Especially after losing so many of their key developers and directors.

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I don't think Rare is overrated at all. They have some good games. And Star Fox Adventures wasn't bad, it just wasn't as good.

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Jet Force Gemini - Classic!

Banjo Tooie - Classic!

Diddy Kong Racing. Classic!

Killer Instinct - who cares?

Perfect Dark - Classic!

Star Fox Adventures - made me cry

Blast Corps - Classic!

Banjo Kazooie - classic, 2nd best platformer on N64

Goldeneye - classic.



Ha, Microsoft go screwed.

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mrmicawber wrote:

Killer Instinct - who cares?

a lot of people, including myself.



I must be one of the only people that really liked Star Fox Adventures. Sure, it was basically a Zelda clone with Fox McCloud as the lead, but I had a lot of fun playing it. It's well made as far as Zelda imitators go.

Rare might be overrated, but I know most people are really dying to see their classics released on Virtual Console. It will probably never happen though, thanks to Microsoft.

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The 2nd best platformer & best 1st person shooter on a console (N64) isn't bad for a 2nd party developer. I think Nintendo sold them at the right time though.

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I don't see how DKC was generic. If it were, it would not have been nearly so popular, and I never noticed a problem with edge detection; maybe you just suck.

Jet Force Gemini - I just bought it, and it seems alright, but nothing too special, which is why it's not that popular

Banjo Tooies - Never played it.

Diidy Racing - Okay, I wasn't a big fan of this one, but MK64!?!?! That irks me. MK64 is the best multiplayer game ever made, IMO. It destroys every other racing game in existence.

Killer Instinct - I LOVE this game

Perfect Dark - I ADORE this game. In my top 5 games of all time. And since when has a FPS been about story?

Star Fox Adventures - This game was great. One of the first games I had for the GCN, and in my top ten GCN games

Blast Corps - meh.

Banjo - Kazzoie - Never played it.

Goldeneye - classic.

Rare. is. amazing.

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IDK I'm pretty sure I posted in this thread, but I don't see my post.

So this is the stupidist thread ever blah blah blah. Rare is not overrated. They kick ass, JET FORCE GEMINI is an AMAZING game. So eat me for suggesting otherwise.

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It's funny I've played, completed an enjoyed every one of those games except DKC 3 which was one sequel to many and Killer Instinct. Diddy Kong Racing was far superior to Mario Kart 64 in practically every way and whilst I agree that Jet Force Gemini and Star Fox Adventures weren't the best everyone was expecting from Rare they were still solid games. In fact I loved Star Fox Adventures - it was just a little too easy.

You forgot Conker's Bad Fur Day by the way and whilst you're at it why not diss Ultimate too?

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Everything that my magazine said about Star Fox Adventures was right - Generic and unremarkable. The Flying sections were a complete let down too (and perhaps an afterthought to boot). Were were the giant boss battles?

That was Rare in their later days - when they were getting a bit slack (and losing all of their original staff), but in their earlier days, they were not overrated in my eyes.

Games like Snake Rattle 'n' Roll, Battletoads (NES SNES and GB) - with all it's cripplingly difficult levels and, as you mentioned, Goldeneye as well as Conker's Bad Fur Day and Perfect Dark made them a highly regarded games company.

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Speaking of NES games, Cobra Triangle is very original and pretty fun to play. Solar Jetman (under their early name "Ultimate play The Game") is one of my favourite games ever. And Donkey kong Country 2 is one of the very best platformgames.

Corbie wrote:

I don't think it was overrated as much as they just couldn't sustain the bar they set. Especially after losing so many of their key developers and directors.


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  • Donkey Kong Country (SNES-series)
    Controls are spot-on, gameplay is fast, bonuses are hidden everywhere, music and graphics are amazing. Great trilogy. Underrated these days. For the price of 800 points per game 10/10.
  • Jet Force Gemini (N64)
    By far the best 3D-action game on the N64! Wide open worlds for exploring and adventuring. 3 different characters to control. Cool weapons and fat bosses. Co-op mode. Beautiful soundtrack. Fat multiplayer options. Challenging. Excellent stage design. Green alien splatter exploding everywhere. Collecting heads. Mr. Pants mode!!! The swamp planet was creepy. The disco amok run scene is hilarious. The last boss is... I won't spoil. 10/10.
  • Conker's Bad Fur Day / GoldenEye / Perfect Dark (N64)
    Classics - 10/10.
  • Killer Instinct (series)
    Always a fighting game favourite here, and still is. Hilarious long combos and violence. Cool characters, stages and music. Fantastic and fast gameplay. This game has blown away all Street Fighters and Mortal Kombats. CULT! 10/10
  • Blast Corps (N64)
    Innovative and unique action/puzzle game. Good exploration aspects. Racing and skillbased stages weren't that great.
    But graphics and music for a first generation N64 game were outstanding. - 9/10
  • Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie (N64)
    Good platformers. I like the first one a bit more but both are great. Cool characters, everything is fun, good gameplay. Nice graphics and musics as always in Rare games.. Pretty enjoyable. Yeah. 9/10

Three Rare games I'm not that proud of:

  • Donkey Kong 64 (N64)
    Compared to the Banjo games the gameplay here sucks. 7/10
  • Diddy Kong Racing (N64)
    Compared to Mario Kart 64 the gameplay here sucks. 7/10
  • Starfox Adventures (Gamecube)
    Nah.. Well, it's not a Starfox shmup game and that sucks. 7/10


CowLaunch wrote:

The 2nd best platformer & best 1st person shooter on a console (N64) isn't bad for a 2nd party developer. I think Nintendo sold them at the right time though.

LOL. Once they lost their key people, Nintendo got rid of Rare in a flash.

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Rare is not overrated. They are one of my favorite developers of all time.



Hm. Key people. The main tallent behind Goldeneye left and started Free Radical. Their game "Haze" bombed last year and the company went bankrupt. I´d say the key people are the overrated ones.



My list of N64 Rare ranked;
1- Blast Corps
2- Goldeneye
3- Banjo Kazooie
4- Jet Force Gemini
5- Diddy Kong Racing
6- Perfect Dark
7- Conker
8- Banjo Tooie
9- Donkey Kong 64
(never played KI Gold or Micky's Speedway but Killer Instinct on SNES was pretty cool.

And the DKC games were far from generic, tight controls and varied level design puts them right up their with the best.




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