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A lot of people hate these games but I, personally, loved them all. Especially the third game, one of my all-time favorite games

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I only have 4.

It was pretty fun for a while, then the mundane plot diversions got tiring, and the battles got repetitive.
Now I'm stuck at the final boss, unprepared, but unallowed to leave :(

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At first, people acknowledged that the Battle Network series was pretty good. People only hate them now because there hasn't been any major change in the series to keep it fresh. I will admit that I still have fun with the series, even though it's gotten freakishly repetitive.

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I have Battle Network 6, and it's pretty good, but the balance is really off, and there are too many random battles(sometimes you'll get into a battle immediately after finishing a previous one). I liked it up until I was forced to switch to an underleveled character and fight my way through a bunch of super-tough enemies with very few places to buy items - I pretty much had to save after every battle, and I still haven't gotten all the way through that part yet.

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Peacock wrote:

A lot of people hate these games but I, personally, loved them all. Especially the third game, one of my all-time favorite games

I have the 3rd one also. Its really fun. I wish Capcom would re-release these on 3DS for the 25th anniversary. I would be so happy.

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I found the series quite fun. The OST's were awesome if anything.

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