Topic: Game Boy Advance vs Game Boy Advance SP

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The SP also has a better D-pad. My normal GBA's no longer works, the SP's would definitely last longer.


I was able to get a GameBoy Advance Sp Pearl Blue with all 4 Super Mario Advance games for 80 bucks on ebay, so I am pretty happy. Thanks for everyone's help.

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The SP has a backlit screen and a much better d-pad!

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Ok, I've read some very handy info on this thread, but I still have some questions.
So far I've read this:

More comfortable
Better L and R buttons
Slightly cheaper

Better D-pad

Both of them are compatible with all GB, GBC and GBA games, right? Then I do have one other major question though. How's headphone support? I know both of them support it in a way, but didn't GBA support regular headphones while GBA SP required specific ones? Or am I wrong here? I hope somebody knows, since that's kind of a dealbreaker for me. I am reading a lot more support for GBA SP though, so I think that'll be the one for me, since I do agree, backlight is a huge dealbreaker.

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