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I was wondering if a Game Boy Advance SP is much better than a regular Game Boy Advance?

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The SP has a backlight, so it's better. But the GBA fits more comfortably in your hands.

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Hmmm, tough call then. I was thinking of getting one or the other just in case the DSi VC never comes to be.

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SP is the best by WAY far.

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The Gameboy Advance is more comfortable in your hands,by a lot,but the SP has a chargeable battery and has a lit screen. I still say Gameboy advance though. Mostly because if you want to play a gameboy color game it isn't sticking out towards you.

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I think for the tiny little more you'll have to pay for it (as long as you look around), sp's definitely worth getting just based on the fact that it has a backlight, GBA IS easier to hold, but an sp isn't uncomfortable or anything.

I mean if you want uncomfortable get a game gear >_o.

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My fave is the Micro. My games look so crisp on that screen.

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i have a gameboy pocket so if my gameboy advance SP goes out i can play my games on my pocket and it won't bother me for nsome people they have to have a light for there games but sometimes if i just wanna feel like playing old school i'll pull out my pocket and kick it old school style but other wise its SP by far because of the back light and AC Adapater especially since i don't like using my DS Lite for a gameboy advance system when i use that for my DS Games and kinda the same for DSi

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The Game Boy Advance SP has a backlight, so it is MUCH better than any other Game Boy.



The Game Boy Advance SP has a backlight and more portability, but the Game Boy Advance has more durable L and R buttons, a HUGE thing for me. If I'm just playing at my house in good lighting, the GBA should suffice, but anywhere else it would be the GBA SP.



What games do you have that use the L and R buttons so much?

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LinktotheFuture wrote:

What games do you have that use the L and R buttons so much?

Mario Pinball Land is the only game I can think of.

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As a portable system The Game Boy Advance SP is awesome:
1. The form-factor is more suited to pockets.
2. Display works great both in the dark and strong sunlight.
3. The battery life is great.



last month, i have bought a gameboy advance sp in and i just want to someone to give me some comments on the product i have bought. the picture is as follows,


it costs me usd59.99

any comments will be appreciated.

Thank you for your attention!


The SP, definitely. It's actually the greatest of the Game boy series.

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Just as a side note: The GBA SP is available in two different versions. One with an internal front light (AGS-001) and a new improved backlit version (AGS-101). I would strongly recommend the AGS-101 because its display is much better than the AGS-001's. It has a very good contrast and intense brightness level similar to a Notebooks TFT display.

As for the Gameboy Micro (if you thinking about this one): It is very small and has a very good display too (like the AGS-101), but keep in mind that you cannot play Gameboy or Gameboy Color games on it.



Go for what Omega said (the AGS-101)

I never found the SP to be uncomfortable at all, in hindsight, trying to hold the GBA in a position to get enough light from the sun or your lightbulb could turn out to be more uncomfortable in the long run.

I say go for a GBA SP, and if you like Pokemon games, you can literally play the entire game with one hand (I used to play Sapphire on my lunch breaks, Pokemon in one hand, food in the other!)

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If the GBA had a back-light, then GBA. But it doesn't, so SP is better.

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