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Mine would have to be Mike Tyson's. It's just grown on me lately. And also, King Hippo= Awesomeness

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Yeah, the NES version with Tyson is still my favorite. The Wii version is wonderful in many ways, but you can't unseat the champ.

I'm also a bit soft for Super Punch Out, even if it does so many things I just hate.




I haven't played any of them. I did order Doc Louis' Punch Out though.


Punch-Out Wii. I love all the little extra touches they did to make the characters so funny and memorable.

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Mike Tyson's Punch Out will always be the best, but they are all great.

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The Tyson version of the original. Even though there's no real difference between it and the Tyson-less re-release, there was nothing quite like fighting Tyson during the absolute height of his popularity in the late 80s.

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i did not play the Tyson version cause i am a 90's kid. I love the Wii version though and how they managed to built Iron Mike in there anyways



I never played much Punch-Out!! when I was little really. The only game I've played from the series is the Arcade/MAME32 version of the original. I remember having a bit of fun with it years ago, back when the MAME32 CD-rom was still visible. Maybe I should download Super Punch-Out.

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All 3 Punch-Out Games are awesome, but I'm gonna have to say Mike Tyson's out of pure nostalgia 'and' you get to fight Mike Tyson hehe. But really, Punch-Out!! for the Wii has the best gameplay, while Super-Punch Out is probably the weakest of the 3 yet it's still a damn fine game...



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