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Slow connection today so will have to wait for it to load, Morcambe and Wise in an Atari advert? never expected that.



There is language so do use headphones if you're at work. I notice it's only up for 6 days; after that it's on BBC iPlayer, so it's possible that people outside the UK will be able to watch it. There's some really funny stuff in there; I thought Dara's bit about the unlockable stuff was spot-on!

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I watched this last night and was equally impressed and amused, I particularly liked what was probably the first gaming console advert ever made for the Odyssey (I think). Give me shiny happy celebs playing the Wii with their family any day over that scene of misery


What is it with people who have never played a console criticizing them all the time, some of the things blamed on video games are just plain ridiculous, I think I saw the game Zoop on that vid, is that what they accused of sending subliminal messages, what a crazy claim.

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Love Charlie Brooker, I watched all of Screenwipe, he is ****ing hilarious and isn't afraid to say it like it is (and swear alot in the process). Got this on the planner so I'll watch it when I get round to it, having seen his other stuff I know this will be good.

EDIT: BBC: Electric Dreams. There's another program called 'Micro Men' that looks good, but don't know when, checking...

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People outside of the UK are in luck...

Here are the youtube links.

DANGER - EXPLICIT LANGUAGE, EXTREME VIOLENCE AND SEXUAL THEMES - Part 1/6 - Part 2/6 - Part 3/6 - Part 4/6 - Part 5/6 - Part 6/6

For as long as the vids stay up on YouTube

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Watched it this evening, it was funny and interesting, I recommend anyone outside the UK watch it before YouTube give it the chop. It's got bad things in it though, so adults only yeah.

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