Topic: What are some games that break the 4th wall

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What SilentJ said, the whole entire game Eternal Darkness broke the 4th wall.

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Metal Gear Solid PSX. For you guys old enough that ran out and bought a Dual Shock controller and the game when it released like I did. When the guy died in the prison cell and you could feel his hearbeat it was the coolest thing in gaming at the time. I remember my friends coming over just to play and feel the game. It was absolutely groundbreaking, then not to forget Psycho Mantis and his tricks

@KDR..... I know your a big 360 fan.... do you agree that Shadow Complex should be on the list just for being an absolute Amazing 2D Shooter on a Microsoft system. Who would Ever thought a 2D game that great would ever be on a Microsoft system. I sure didnt, but the game is phenominal.

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This is about breaking the fourth wall, not things you find uncommon. Besides, if you're talking about no good 2D shooters on the 360 Corbie will want to have a word with you.

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The level 1 boss in Castle of Shikigami 3 often mentions that it's level 1, among many other examples.

I love the self-awareness in that game.

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