Topic: What are some games that break the 4th wall

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Like in Metal Gear Solid for example where you are told to read the back of the game box, or told to put the controller on the ground, another favorite of mine is in Paper Mario where a character tells Mario although he may not understand what pressing A does, but that beings watching would understand.

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Also in Metal Gear Solid (at least on the Gamecube version), Revolver Ocelot says to camera "And don't even think about using autofire" when you have to endure the torture.

Also, In Conker's Bad Fur Day, Conker talks to camera quite a lot.

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Most point and click adventure games break the 4th wall.

I recently played Simon the Sorcerer on my iPhone. The main character breaks the fourth wall with alarming (though amusing) regularity.

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MGS seems to have a few, I think its MGS2 that tells you to reset the console.



Earthbound and Contact both do this often and hilariously. Mother 3 has some of the best examples, though. There's one of the more blatant examples where someone says something like, "Fill your right index finger with a wish. Or to put it another way, imagine something called an "R button" and a more subtle metagame joke when Lucas tries to go to a certain area the game says that there are ants at his feet and he shouldn't go forward because he might step on them, which I found particularly funny because I always hate the lame excuses games come up with to create invisible walls.

As far as I know (and I have been known to make mistakes, from time to time), this sort of self-referential humor was not common until the original Mother, and now every JRPG tends to try too hard to make goofy explanations for the most obvious button presses. The Mother and MGS series do it best in my experience, by far, since it's a running theme in each rather than just a few out-of-place jokes tossed in. The Mario RPGs don't do it in an obtrusive way but also aren't nearly as funny and can be a bit tiresome.

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grenworthshero wrote:

No More Heroes and all of the Paper Mario games do this constantly

No More Heroes was the first one to pop up in my mind, and IMO did it the best, meaning funniest, than any other game. Also not to reveal too much, but Batman Arkham Asylum did it so well in one part that I thought my 360 had finally met its doom.



banjo kazooie if you say no to the training and keep taking to the mole he gets upset and threatens to deleat your save file,
Mr.resseti does nothing but break the forth wall.
Baiten Kaito:EWLO has a really weid way of doing it wheir im still not sure if they actully did it or not.

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Baten Kaitos did it because you, the player, are a spirit, but then again they don't acknowledge the fact that you control the main character.

Paper Mario TYD did it when Lord Crump looked at the screen and told me not to tell Mario about his secret

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guybrush threepwood tells the dart-pirates in monkey island 4 to throw some on the guy whos sitting behind the screen...

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Eternal Darkness had the sanity effects.

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SilentJ wrote:

Eternal Darkness had the sanity effects.

That's what I was gonna pick, doh! I remember the volume being turned down and the tv turning off, that was really freaky the first time it happened.



Contact comes to mind.



Pac Man 2 for the SNES

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I'm drawing a blank, so far.

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Contact (one of the best DS games on the system)
It does break the fourth wall down too.

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Eat Lead, while the whole premise of the game is that it is a videogame your character sometimes makes comments about what you do (e.g. "keep pulling the trigger, maybe it'll magically refill with ammo") while the ingame story doesn't seem like your character is supposed to be controlled by a player at that point. Of course he will complain about the mission objectives display, the tutorial, etc but at that point it's more like those are directed at him, not you.

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"Sam and Max Hit the Road" breaks the 4th wall in a memorable way. You go to a wishing well and Sam (or Max, its been so long ago I don't rememer which says it) wishes the game would end. Game Over screen pops up! haha Love the humour in that game



Secret of Evermore has one of those crazy-type dudes standing in a public market, yelling doom and whatnot to anyone who will listen. Talk to him enough times, and he claims "WE'RE ALL CHARACTERS IN A VIDEO GAME!" Then you're given the choice to turn him into a goat, chicken, or basket.

Certain games don't technically have a fourth wall at all, such as Advance Wars (and basically any other strategy game where you're the commander) and Pac-Man 2 (it doesn't BREAK the wall, there just ISN'T one! The tutorial makes that quite plain!).

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How about Drawn to Life? The Raposa keep turning to you, 'The Creator', to rebuild their world and the like. They even look at you sometimes! It's like the fourth-wall doesn't even exist at all in the Drawn to Life world!

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