Topic: Thoughts about MAG for the PS3?

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it looks pretty good from what i have seen! i heard that it took them 3 years to make the game and to make a dedicated server that supports 256 players at once!

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DarkG wrote:

RandomWiiPlayer wrote:

Left 4 Dead and the original Gears of War aren't exclusive. GEOW2 is exclusive though.

both Left 4 Dead games, and Gears of War are exclusive... the only other platform with those games is Microsoft's second platform: Windows. Plus, they still are console exclusives, there's no other console you can play those games, and to play Gears of War on PC you need a very good one...

You can't count them as Xbox 360 exclusives, because they are playable on another platform. You can count it as a Microsoft exclusive, but that isn't what he said. And even if you need a very good gaming PC to play Gears of War, it doesn't change the fact that it isn't a 360 exclusive.

The Game.

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This is a question on MAG, right? Not lag or who is better XBOX or PS3?

I played the BETA. I think this game is going to mature very well. As of now, my squad kind of did its own thing. The idea of being part of a platoon and a greater army even than that was not weighing much on the game. Once people get better at the new strategy it's going to get better.

Also, the skill tree worked nicely. I wish I had more time to get deeper into my career of choice: primary assault I believe. The graphics, which are what drive this genre, need polished.

I had no problems with lag while playing the BETA, though I only logged about 10 hours of gameplay. (For the record I only encounter laggy players with a bad host on PSN. And that happens maybe once every couple nights. The game ends, a new host is found and we move on; only a couple minutes of your life wasted. I waste more time in load screens...

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