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On Rare's website, you can check out their gamer themes screenshots... the graphics in those shots, if in-game, along with a boosted framerate of 60 frames, would be hard to pass up. Thing is, they better have online matches to go along with it.

Would anyone consider buying the 360 for this alone? As long as there is online, anyway..

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Already reported this a day ago in the VC board, but yea, it does make the 360 seem more attractive. If I didn't already have a Wii and a PS3, I could probably justify getting a 360 for Perfect Dark, but as much as I want it, do I really need three home consoles?

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If I knew it was already reported, I would have responded in that topic thread. Sorry 'bout that. But yeah, it would only be worth it if it had online multiplayer and perhaps tournaments. And no, there is no good reason to have three current gen consoles.

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I really don't get why everyone wants this and Goldeneye. Both of them are horrible now.



I seriously would consider buying an XBox 360 solely for this game. I already did when PDZ came out. But I don't have the money to just throw it away on an otherwise worthless system. I already have PD on N64; the best FPS ever made. PD is definitely in my top 5 all-time games. I'm still playing it fairly frequently to this day, 9 years later. Every FPS that comes out today is exactly the same thing. Halo sucks, and everything else is just a copy. I'd rather play it on the N64 anyway, but seeing it revamped is always pretty cool. The graphics were amazing for its time, and the framerate suffered for it. Though not as horribly as everyone seems to be making it out to be. Also, online with Perfect Dark? GAH! WHY couldn't they do that for the Wii too? Is it too much to ask? sigh...

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