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Far Cry Classic release's this week, 11th US $9.99 & 12th EU £7.99.

I got it but regret it. I don't think it's aged well.

I have downloaded it but haven't played it yet, finished Kingdom Hearts last week and started Strider & DKC:TF over this weekend.

To be fair I probably would have liked it more back in the day. I had just finished Far Cry 3 the week before and after playing that I felt like a cave man playing Far Cry Classic haha. It's just such a step backwards in every way.

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The play as the joker challange maps are amazing. He is so much fun to play as. He's great for brawls, and he the only good DLC character that really feels unique and different from batman in the predator maps with his gadgets. Definitely the best DLC in all the Arkham games. I don't understand why they haven't him as a playable character in City and Origins. I would think it would be a no-brainer.



Atlus has confirmed that Persona 5 and Persona 4 spin-off titles Persona 4: Arena Ultimax (known as The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold in Japan) and Persona 4: Dancing All Night will be heading to North America.

First up will be Persona 4: Arena Ultimax on PS3 in autumn 2014, followed by Persona 5 for PS3 and Persona 4: Dancing All Night for PS Vita in 2015.



I didn't pre-order Dark Souls II in time, so I'm just going to walk in to GameStop tomorrow and hope they have a copy.

Also, I downloaded Tomb Raider thanks to PS+ and I've been enjoying that.



One of the best RPG's of this generation Dark Souls II is picking-up very good reviews 95/100, - 10/10.
CVG - 10/10.

Dark Souls 2 irons out those flaws, and its world expands in ways that fans won't expect, but will undoubtedly appreciate. Its layers of depth, and colossal scope for challenge, community and discovery, is a gaming event of such impact it'll be referred to time and time again for years to come. - 9/10.
EDGE - 9/10.
Metacritic 91/100

I just cannot wait to get my copy just 3 days to impact UK.

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Just got a standard edition of the game and I played through the first 30 minutes or so... there are some definite framerate issues in some of the larger areas, but it looks like it surpasses 30 FPS in the small areas. I've played through Blighttown so it's not that surprising, but I really wish they would've ironed out these issues.

Either way, my heart goes out to the men in the trenches who are waiting for the PC version.



I'm envious of those who are willing to play Dark Souls II. The first Dark Souls literally broke me. I used to play lots of hard games and had a much higher frustration Tolerance. After Dark Souls, I can barely get through a Kirby game without throwing my hands up in frustration and throwing in the towel...

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The "spend $60 on the PSN store, get $10 in return back" offer is back again.



It was never my intention to wait anywhere near this long to get a PS3, but I finally acquired one just a couple of days ago. I'm finally next... err, last-gen!

Right now my small library consists of The Last of Us, Ni no Kuni and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (with Yakuza 3 on its way from Amazon), and I'm trying to fight the strong impulse to buy another handful of games and make my backlog spiral completely out of control.

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My copy of Tomb Raider GOTY is coming from Amazon this week. I'm FINALLY going to play it, after putting it off time after time. Feeling pretty excited.

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I think I'll look into getting Dark Souls 2 once it has a price drop, any idea how that might take? (How long did DS 1 take?)

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Jaz007 wrote:

I think I'll look into getting Dark Souls 2 once it has a price drop, and idea how that might take? (How long did DS 1 take?)

Well, I'm pretty sure Dark Souls 1 was a $20 Greatest Hits games in just a little over a year, so probably not too long.

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I started playing Prince of Perisa (the reboot). It's a pretty good game. The platforming is pretty good, the story is good, the Prince's acting and dialoug are excellent. The interaction of between him and Elika is great. The combat isn't as good as the other aspects of the game, but it's still enjoyable. A steal for the $3 I got it for at GameStop. I definitely reccomend picking it up and trying it out at that price.



I started playing Stealth Inc. yesterday. It's a pretty good game. I love the difficulty and how it makes you think. My only issue is sometimes it can be hard to see what's in the environment.



Sorry for the triple post. But anyways. Mercinaries 2 has to have the worst quick time events in a game ever. They would just be annoying they done decently, but no, they couldn't be decent. They are way too hard. It's extremely easy to fail hijacking vehicle if you don't already know what the button pressed are. And there are two Chinese tanks, which want you to mash a button inhumanly fast, to the point where I can't do it if I try over 20 times. Which messes up the flow of the game. I wish it jut worked like the first one, press Triangle, and you hijack. No QuickTime event or anything. I don't understand how the developer had someone play the game, or they played they game, and didn't go "hey, these quick time events are too hard, and impossible."
TL:DR version. Normal quick time for normal activities in games are bad, the ones in Meecinaries 2 are the ugly.



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