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can anyone point in right direction as far as what i need to do to play certain online games against friends/family . everyone in the family has a wii at home and we all are connected to internet. but none of us know where to begin in order to play against one another or all of us together. please help?



It should say in your games manual on how to set up a game with friends and family. What game are you trying to play online?

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Tasuki - we were hoping to find a bowling, a golf game and maybe like a game show (family fued) etc. We just got all our wiis setup. Just need to find games that we can all play. Just don't know how or where to start. All of us have our internet set up on it already. But now what



Ah, your initial post had me thinking you needed help getting connected. As for what games to get in order to take advantage of the WFC, for recommendations regarding Wii games, please use the Wii recommendations thread. For WiiWare games, please use the WiiWare recommendations thread.

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