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Just now jumped onto the Switch despite wanting one for two years! I bought Mario Odyssey since Mario 64 was my very first game ever ^_^ And I'm loving it! I always had a soft spot for the vintage explorer theme.

Had the extra money to import Okami Zekkaiban since that's one of my favorite games of all time, and as soon as I can I'll be getting BotW, TWEWY, Yoshi... So many Switch games that I want!

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Brought Motorsport Manager, nice mangment sim if motorsport is your thing. Due to licensing issues there are no official teams but you can edit them in if you want to.
There is enough different racing tiers and unlockable tech trees to keep me occupied for a while.



@SamusLv7 You’ve plenty to enjoy with MARIO + RABBIDS: KINGDOM BATTLE. It ranks among the very best games available for the Switch. I’m really hoping we get a sequel.

My son is playing YOOKA-LAYLEE already and I’m reading him the dialogue, offering support. It’s so reminiscent of my childhood memories playing BANJO KAZOOIE on N64. Think I’m going to really enjoy YOOKA-LAYLEE once I get the controller back 😂

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@Lroy That's wonderful of you introducing your son a 3D platformer game 👍 It's one of my favourite genres and one that deserves more love.

Also you're right, this game is longer than I thought, which is great because I enjoy Grant's music and the humor that's present in the game is really funny. Also, despite this being my first time playing this strategy game (the others I played were classic RPGs), I am enjoying it 😊



@Lroy I think a Rabbids sequel is guaranteed. Were you sent the Ubisoft survey? They asked questions about what sort of thing you would want to see in a sequel such as new game modes etc. So it is surely an inevitability.

As a Rare fanatic back in the N64 days I was actually a little disappointed by Yooka-Layee. It just didn't grab me. Now that Cuphead is on the way I am hoping it will pave the way for Rare Replay to come to Switch so I can finally complete Jet Force Gemini.



I picked up the Labo Robot kit, as it was only $60 now and it’s the only one I didn’t have.
Will start putting it together in a few minutes


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Ooccoo_Jr wrote:

@Lroy I think a Rabbids sequel is guaranteed. Were you sent the Ubisoft survey? They asked questions about what sort of thing you would want to see in a sequel such as new game modes etc. So it is surely an inevitability.

@Ooccoo_Jr That's good to hear.
I also never completed Jet Force Gemini. I was a little kid back then, and the planet where the creatures got changed by an accident always scared me, especially the noise of the altered ants 😅



Bought the screen protector from Amazon



GRIP. Can't help feeling a bit disappointed by it.

Sigourney Beaver.


Snake Pass, and I'm pleasantly surprised. Not worth full price IMO since it's fairly short, but for the sale price it's good fun. Also bought a Hori cartridge holder on Amazon.

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Trials Rising Gold Edition from eShop.

Used up some points so had it for just under £25. Really enjoying the hour or 2 I played last night.

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Bought Splatoon 2. The demo really hooked me and $48 seemed like a really good deal.


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Pre-ordered Yoshi's Crafted World last night. Hopefully they get it to me on Friday so I can spend the weekend with it.

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After the Nindies presentation last week my hype dived as I went onto the eshop to check out the sale that was announced during and couldn't find anything to tempt me.

But I went back in today and picked up a few: Urban Trial Playground (a good buy in the sale), Super One More Jump (not a bad little distraction, but not sure it's gonna grab me), Slayaway (not tried it yet) and the ****ing woeful Tiny Hands Adventure (PSA: Avoid!).

I was meaning to pick up Thimbleweed Park too, but got distracted playing Urban Trial Playground and forgot.

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Splurged while there's a sale on:

Car Quest
Star Story: The Horizon Escape
The Golf

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Shantae 5 announcement hyped me into buying the 3 shante titles I haven't played already :
shantae half-genie hero on switch
shantae risky's revenge on wii u
and the Original Shantae for GBC VC on 3ds !

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Super Mario Party!
Have to say I really love the game so far

Ironically I got beat out in the game by my parents.. but what can ye do

sometimes it be like it do

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Recently bought the Hori D-Pad joycon thingy to temporarily replace my left Joycon because of some stick drift (I've tried most solutions and nothing worked) and besides all of the removed features it ain't half bad, except for the fact that it wouldn't fit in my Switch console grip so I had to sand the grip a little bit to make it fit like normal again, but apart from that, pretty good product for the price.


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