Topic: Where do/would you use the Switch out of the house?

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I mostly use it around the house, although it's also nice for times I'm stuck at work with very little to do or car rides.

It's not really about trying to think of different ways to use it. I don't need to justify a gimmick. It lets me play console-quality games comfortably wherever I go, and that's all I want or need in a gaming device.

The versatility is incredibly useful as its own sort of thing, of course, but as I've said before, it also eases a lot of the psychological friction I experience with home consoles. The sense that I have to dedicate time to them if I want to play games on them. When I play a home console, I feel like I'm the prisoner of the TV, and it's aggravating. The Switch has actually given me a new appreciation for home console gaming: I LIKE playing on the TV with the Switch, because it just feels like I'm taking advantage of a cool option as opposed to being forced to sit there when I don't want to (if I want to continue playing the game, that is). Kind of like when I would play Pokemon using the N64 transfer pak.

@JaxonH I use the Hestia Goods case, which looks remarkably similar to your Butterfox case. I love it: it's perfect, and a MASSIVE step up from the PDP case I got at launch.

I love that I can keep my portable battery, earbuds, and USB-C connector in it.

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Zizzy wrote:

Other than that, just rooftop parties with my young adult friends.

@Zizzy This is best - and sadly overlooked - post in this thread!



@Peek-a-boo Not overlooked! I giggled when I read it too.

In other news, I love taking my Switch to airports, where I sit down next to unfamiliar blonde women and immediately bond through the magic of gaming. This is life.

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We had a festival downtown in our town today, and I saw a guy walking through the crowds down Main Street with his family playing a Switch. It was actually the first time I have ever seen a Switch in person. It's a lot smaller than I was expecting.


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I play mine everyday during my train rides to work, it completely replaced my 3ds for that purpose. I also play in the evening when my daughter is in bed and my wife watches the TV.

In fact, I never used the dock since I bought the Switch (it is still in the box) ! We only have one tv at home and my wife is a tv addict so I can't even touch it I could use it with my pc monitor and speakers but I never felt the need to, I like to play portable or tabletop !



I'm still saving up for one, but if my 3DS is to go by:

  • In bed
  • In university while waiting for class or on break
  • Anywhere around the house
  • In the kitchen while cooking up a simple meal
  • On the toilet
  • Waiting in line anywhere

Since I go around university with a backpack, needing to fit it somewhere is no big deal.


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