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The majoras mask is excellent for exploring.

No more cheap shots from random skeletons.

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@StableInvadeel If the Switch t-shirt is on Wii U then I didn't open that chest! I read somewhere that it was on Switch but then again perhaps they forgot that the Wii U ever existed. The DLC was meh but that unexpected boss fight was genius.

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@Dezzy When the Korok mask was available I was already tired of looking for Koroks.

Yeah pretty much. There's no real incentive beyond a certain point. That was one of my main issues with the game. (and Zelda as a series in general). They're always quite bad at end-game content. There's no real benefit to doing all of the shrines, and no real benefit for getting more than a few hundred Korok seeds.
They should've had like an extra cutscene or dungeon if you 100%d the game.

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@Dezzy I liked the way they handled 100%, I mean gaming nowadays is so focused on achievements (Xbox) and trophies (Playstation) that having a bad reward for 100% was rather refreshing.


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BOTW at least goes so far that it feels easier to justify not 100% it. You feel satisfied if you just do all the things that feel like they result in something. Yet somehow I was more enthusiastic to try to get relatively close to 100% compared to a good chunk of games in the series. Which I think is like half the reason I feel BOTW deserves all the praise it got, because any game that can get me to want to play for the sake of it for that long has to be doing something right. Like I gave up on 100% nearly every Zelda I've played as well, and the time spent in one playthrough of say, OOT, is a drop in a bucket for BOTW. The entire gold skulltula quest is like 2 or 3 BOTW regions of searching for Korok seeds.

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All they should've done differently is had a secret ending tied to completing every single shrine.
That would be simple and make it feel worth it.

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Anything better than a little dance by the big Korok or whatever he is.



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