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redd214 wrote:

@Anti-Matter wiimotes don't work with the Switch. I'm sure there is some third party adapter that could make it work but not natively regardless of what firmware you have. Besides why would you want to use a wiimote when the Joycons are superior in just about every possible way?

I was thinking about to add more controller for playing games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe until 4 Players. I only have 2 pairs of Joy Cons so i consider Wiimotes for additional players.



@Anti-Matter well for mario kart in particular since you have 2 pairs of joycon each player can use one so you can still play 4 player with what you currently have. Not the most comfortable but works fin

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EOTW wrote:

So I've heard that it is possible to get a switch pro controller to work on pc using a bluetooth adapter, has anyone here tried that?

Yes, it works. I tried it on my PC with the Dolphin emulator using it as a Gamecube controller.


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Incase anyone is interested has the Xenoblade Pro Controller down to £49.99 just now.

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Had my Switch and Pro Controller since launch. Use the Pro Controller when I get a chance to play on the big TV.

However, was just playing WWE 2K18 for the first time on the TV, and I noticed that there was no rumble from my Pro Controller at all. None whatsoever.

I checked the settings in the game, and rumble was on.

Went to the Switch home menu to do the "find controller" thing, and it rumbled/buzzed normally.

Popped DOOM and Rocket League in for a couple of minutes each just to test it, and though it works, the rumble feels sooooooooo weak (and the controller is fully charged).

Because I so rarely get a chance to play on the TV, I rarely use the Pro Controller and so can't remember how good the rumble actually is in games. Plus the game is likely to change by the time I play on the TV.

Anyone else experience this or is yours the same/is it the norm?

Thought I'd best ask now whilst I still have a couple of months guarantee on the controller.

Thank you in advance



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