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the thread is huge and I couldn't find the answer for my question which is: do the later versions of joycon, like the splatoon, mario and arms have the infamous left joycon issue? thanks

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Seems fair. I think that the only system with poor controller was the PS4, purely because it had pointless features and a battery that would die faster than my Wii U' s GamePad.

I really like the Switch joycons because they are so versatile.



Joy-cons are $10 off right now at Walmart USA !

Always thought the little buggers were too expensive but this put it more in my sweet spot so I jumped on this deal.

Got neon pink and green while my originals are gray. Was torn if I should get the original neon colors instead. I’m not going to open it till I get my kids opinions for possible exchange



I decided to get a fighting stick and the Hori one was too rich for my blood at $150 so I got the Mayflash F101 for $40 from Amazon. It's decent. The joystick has a square restrictor, but luckily it looks like you can use Sanwa ones so I will swap it out with a 4-8 way swappable one. I'll probably put in new microswitches in the buttons too to get a little better action in them.



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