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I just got a DSi and i love it, and i tried to convert the files to aac. when i put the Sd card in the ds, it couldn't recognize the format. please help.

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You need to have the format into AAC Format otherwise known as mp4 format like iTunes format.

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Page 44 of your DSi manual says:

The following file formats can be played with Nintendo DSi Sound:
AAC files with .m4a, .mp4, or .3gp filename extensions
Bitrate: 16kbps - 320kbps
Sampling rate: 32kHz - 48kHz

Make absolutely sure your files were saved under one of those three extensions and converted into one of the acceptable bit/sampling rates and try again. You didn't mention which program you're using to convert your files, but there's a tutorial for doing it in iTunes in this post here.

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