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What's the worst gaming coverage site you've been to?
Did it have some of the most vile and nasty comments on the internet?
Did it have too much exclusive content?
What was bad about it?



I meant exclusive content by too much content for subscribers, or for IGN, IGNsiders.



Joystiq. By the time they get their news it has already been on other sites for a few days.

I like Gamespot, IGN is decent.

The Game.

Is it after 9PM EST? You should probably ignore the above post.


IGN is not the worst gaming site. I go to them for many reviews and enjoy their Nintendo podcast.

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Hard to say what's the worst, really. If I don't like one, then I just move onto another. That's what is great about the internet.

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Twario wrote:

I meant exclusive content by too much content for subscribers, or for IGN, IGNsiders.

I used to be an Insider when I posted on those boards more. GBA Community Board FTW.

Man, IGN Boards have gone downhill. I still like the rest of the site, and their Nintendo channels are some of the best around IMO.

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I just have never cared that much for Gamepro. I think has gone downhill in quality also but not as bad as some..Yet.

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There really is no such thing as the "Worst" gaming site because the word 'worst' falls under the opinion category. See, there are two "Types" of words, opinion words and fact words. Fact words are words that cannot be argued against. Opinion words are the opposite in execution (meaning that they CAN be argued against). To let me explain better, lets use NL as an example:

"NL does report Nintendo related news."

The bold word in the sentence is a fact word. It cannot be argued against nor denied. Now, let's look at something different:

"NL is a terrible website."

Besides the obvious (NL NOT being terrible), the bold word is a opinion word. this can be argued by some and denied by many (which it is). So, to put it simply, there is no such thing as "bad", "good", and "Okay".

Sorry for the unnecessarily long post, but to me, it's fun to make things that are unnecessary.

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I am pretty dissapointed of gaming journalism since the last 2 years. I like although that's more a blog that collects news and stuff but is OK. Vgchartz is also pretty good but could be better.


NintendoLIfe, Hahaha!! Just Kidding, this place is the best, I think Joystiq is the worst.

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Sony Defense Force is a ridiculously obvious troll site existing for the sole reason of making less smart people write angry rants. Come on, people.

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I'm a web developer, so I tend to judge sites more on their look and feel. I'll pick a few and critique them a bit. (I don't go to many, so I'll just cover the big ones.)

Rating: 1/5
I love IGN's staff and content, but they go overboard on the ads. Thankfully, I have Ad Muncher to take care of that.

Their layout is very cluttered and hard on the eyes. Their menus are full of useless links. Their recent face-lift helped a bit, but they still are one of the most cluttered sites out there.

Since I dislike IGN's look so much, I just get news from them through RSS. (RSS is one of the greatest things on the Internet!) The only parts of IGN that I surf on are the boards.

Rating: 1/5
I admit that I'm an IGN fanboy, so GameSpot is the 'enemy,' but I used to use GameSpot quite a bit. (When it was
Nowadays, their layout is as cluttered as IGN. GameSpot makes Opera come to a crawl for some reason, so I tend to avoid visiting them.

Rating: 4/5
Now we are talking! NintendoLife is one of the few nicely designed VG sites on the web. Select your channel to filter the content, and then you have news articles relating to that topic. Nice and clean design with little to no clutter. (I do miss the Wii-friendly layout, though.)

Rating: 3/5

1up is not too shabby. There isn't too much clutter and it is pretty simple to navigate. I barely go there, though.

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just to P-O some people I say and
im just kidding SupperatSonicburger and tails 2/5
the layout here is just terrible, it never puts the newest articles on the front page. the reviews are like metacritic, they take reviews from other sites and compile them for an average, but a lot of times they leave out a ton of big-shot sites in their list. the news is all terrible stuff that you dont give a flying fart about. now heres the real kicker...theres no forums. you heard me, no...forums. now the only thing stopping me from giving me a 1 in this, is the sites saving grace, they actually come out with pretty interesting lists that i enjoy reading. 2/5
Whenever i go here i get so confused. there are soooo many lists on the front page. its so hard to ever find what your looking for. now the worst thing on the site is the hefty amount of ads it has. i cant go 3 pages without a giant Modern Warfare 2 ad popping up. Sometimes the ads blend in with the site and i accidently click on one thinking it was a feature. the coverage is good, but have you ever heard the saying "less is more", well gamespot obviously hasnt, they have TOO much coverage, theres thousands of articles and i simply cycle through them trying to find something of intrest

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All of 'em, except GameFAQs.


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