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As seen on TV commercials are annoying too, but NOT Billy Mays (it is very sad that he died.), at leasy Billy Mays was awesome! But anyway, the people that are on those type of commercial say it like it is the best freaking thing ever, but you when you actually use it in real life, the product doesn't really work good (most of the time).

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I'm gonna make a YT series with me commenting on commercials. I have recorded one episode, but I can't find the cord to upload it.


Those stupid cereal commercials are also bad.



Commercials that are also infomercials that air EVERY SINGLE commercial break. I swear that one for Extenze is driving me mad... XP



RandomWiiPlayer wrote:

Oh, another one that I hate....... "Every kiss begins with Kay".

what about french kiss

[anomalous[i know spelled wrong] member] so feenie bet you never got lucky in chat
[feenie] ya
[tbd] green gabe
[feenie] yup i almost drowned in the shower afterwards


megaboomface2 wrote:

the one for free credit report .com no i have a heart and i use it

What? Those are awesome, really catchy songs.



Two more commercials I hate; that vacuum commercial where people are using other people stuck to the vacuum cleaner. God, talk about idiocracy and that car commercial where people are using squeeze toys or something.



Any commercial with Billy Mays.

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Those Boston Pizza commercials. The one's parodying that song. Forget it's name. Anyways, those commercials annoy me so much I mute them, and I even swore that I'd NEVER eat at BP again. I hate almost every commercial, but those one's are maddening. I just wish the people who made commercials weren't so retarded the world actually bends in favor of their handicapable mind.

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I pretty much hate all commercials. Excuse me, I don't care if your store is having a sale, or that your product is supposivly better than that one, or your selling a product that has an offer if I call right now which shipping will make me pay that money I thought I was saving, and that your new shiny car goes really fast cuz in case you havn't noticed we have speed limits. Now let me watch the dang show.

But I do love the commercials they play during the superbowl, funny commercials(same thing i guess ), and video game commercials for some reason.

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