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(no, but seriously, good luck. have a speedy and safe recovery.)

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Well, good luck man. You'll certainly need it.

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Good luck. Hope to see you back real soon. NL wouldn't be the same any other way.


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I've got district nurse coming to see me each morning, as if that wasn't annoying already. I just got back home from staying out of town because I had to be down in one of the main centres, Palmerston North, for several more tests. While I don't have to stay in hospital, it's not necessarily fun either to stay anyhere else either.

Today I have to go to the doctors, but since I shouldn't spend all day inside playing Wii/3DS/etc I'm gonna head into town and go to the arcade, LOL. Well I gotta take a compulsory walk first, but at the moment I'm addicted to this fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Capcom, the predecessor to Mvs.C. I'm pretty good at it and somebody at the last Armageddon Expo had a custom arcade cabinet with this game included, i managed to get to stage 6 (my personel best so far) and several people faced me, I kicked ass but only lost once. I gotta make the most of my time you see, so I'm gonna do the things I want to do before I succumb to absolute boredom for 7-10 days!

Edit:Thank you so much for your nice comments and yes I do hope to be back as soon as possible, I'll continue to post until my surgery and then you should hear back from me, if not......-____-.

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Don't worry, we don't just up and delete accounts like that. Good luck to you!

edit: From the looks of things, it seems like you need someplace to just get all your thoughts out before your procedure — why not try a personal blog? That way, you can pick and choose what comments are left standing and delete any distasteful or uncivil ones yourself. You're more than welcome to link to your blog via your signature, and that way anyone who wants to check in and see how you're doing may do so. With the absolute freedom to say and discuss anything you'd like (as opposed to having to adhere to our Community Rules and keep away from topics like politics and religion), as well as absolute control re: moderation, it sounds like a better idea than this thread here on the forums. If you need help finding a place to set up a blog of your own, please don't hesitate to ask. :3

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future of NL >:3
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