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Hi all.
You may have known me in the forums or on the comments section on the main page articles, but for those who don't know me, I'm RetroGBHippie92.
I'm posting this just so you are aware IF I don't remain active after November 19th (although it would be unclear for maybe 7-10 days) it may be because I am/was personally at a health risk, I mean life threatening if you can connect with that.

Now before I explain what i'm posting about, please be aware that IF I do survive my operation, I will continue to post and talk about video games etc etc on Nintendo Life, I'm just letting you all aware now, that IF for any reason after November 19th I NEVER post again It may be because A) I may not have survived the entire operation and I may not be alive any more OR B) the operation may've done something to me to make me unable to type. However what ive heard from my doctor and surgeon, B) probably has very very low risk of happening, and pretty unlikely, but i'm just throwing that into the equation for the time being.
Now also after this operation Im gonna talk about, it will be unclear, at least to you guys, when I reappear on the forums, if at all. My operation will force me to stay in hospital, without wifi/internet etc for at least 7-10 days, so I ask you not to grieve or consider removing my account, but I will try get my mitts on a PC as soon as possible after that time to let you know the result, which i'm hoping is successful and will mean i'm alive, but it will still mean further treatment for me in the future.

Anyway, I'm not sure If i've talked about this before, but I'm a Cancer patient, currently. Hey i'm not sad, don't be sad really, I'm not that kind of guy, so suck it up everyone please, I know it's not a nice disease to have but it certainly is curable, at least through hard chemotherapy and some surgery (which i'm getting to).
Also just a little background, I'm not religious so I don't particularly believe in any afterlife or re-incarnation stuff, but i'm open-minded so don't hate me. So If I die, I would not ask you to pray or anything because I don't do that and neither should you, no offence ok it's just the way i am, the way i think and the way I generally act.

Well enough of that I want to talk about what I'd like to do IF I survive my surgery, not all this cliche BS that you'd expect. Anyway, After my surgery I really want to get better and eventually when my cancer goes into full remission, I want to get a proper job, one that will revolve around my interests and though it may not seem ideal in your minds, I really want to work in retail and work for a gaming shop or electronics store like JB Hifi, EB games etc or set up my own gaming retail store. I know gaming is more popular now and everyone seems to know everything there is about it, but i've been here in this interest longer than you'd expect, in fact at least the first game I ever managed to get my hands on as a kid was Super Mario World, and even though I've never completed it nor had the time to sit through it, I credit it as the first game that inspired me to take up my interest, way to go 6 year old RetroGBHippie92 you rock, Excellent!!
So yeah, I want to make a job/career/whatever through video games and selling them/promoting them/whatever, they've always been my passion and I'm not one of those overly social hipsters geeks, but I love video games no matter if they're 8-bit or 3D.

I suppose I should now talk about my actual problem, now that we've got a few things out of the way. My surgery is on November 19th, I've already had all the pre- assessment stuff done and out of the way and I've spoken to my surgeon and doctor. My cancer is very rare, there is of course more than one cancer if you didn't know, mine is Neuroblastoma, I don't personally know much about it other than it is a child cancer. Child Cancers in adults can be extremely rare and not many doctors and surgeons have had experience perfoming surgery that you'd do on a baby, on an adult of 20 years. So we are in a bit of a conundrum and our doctor and surgeons are having a tele-conference in order to confirm who is able to help and where we are doing it. Since I live in New Zealand, the health system is free and all my chemo, my surgery is free, providing i think if i'm living with my parents (check). Hey you guys living in the states if you don't like the health system after the elections you should come here, you're more likely to get free treatment here than in the states, however I can't guarantee that myself of course, just saying.

Man, yesterday my dad asked me if i was at all worried and if you know me by now, I said no. What I simply do from now on is, I'm taking myself out of the equation, i'm not letting emotional BS ruin my life and i'm not gonna let it kill me either. I know I should be concerned with numero uno, but i'm not that type of person and personally I think even if my parents don't see me as success and rather a failure of everything up until now, then let them. Up until now, even as I write this sentence, I've never had a true focus because my family expects me to get normal job like a chef and have a family, but because i've had chemo, i can't do neither of those things and personally my view of the food industry (I was studying to become a chef last year at tech) has become an obnoxious man-child who parades on tv and owns a zillion dollar restaurant chain, I am disgusted...
Sorry, I don't like to rant but that is the truth of the matter and i'm not having anyone disagree on that either, this is why I want to do something I personally enjoy, crave and adhere to, and video games have always been my passion even if my parents aren't totally 100% agreeable on it.

Now I've deliberately not gone into detail about my surgery because that may offend some people, but if you have any questions, I would suggest asking and commenting in this thread. I encourage you all to at least be positive too, i'm not one for listening to people come to tears or exasperate over me and also let's keep it civil. Also I must reiterate myself, I don't want to find my account DELETED after I come back after recovering from surgery, I will be very unhappy If it happens, so if theblackdragon or any other admin is reading this, please don't delete my account at any point after November 19th.

Please feel free to ask questions and comment below, you can ask me ANYTHING so long as its put nicely and doesn't offend anyone.

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I hope it all goes well for you, man.
Also, PR looks like something that could be fun in the industry. Helping others to see your passion could be cool.

Best thread ever
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Good luck man! Hopefully all turns out for the best! And I don't know if there even have been any accounts ever deleted. And as long as you don't ask for a ban, or choose to do anything foolish, I'm sure your account will be fine. Once again, I hope all goes well and you have a swift recovery!

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Man, this really sucks... I really don't know what to say. I guess the only thing i can say is i really hope you get bether. So good luck and i hope i se you here soon!

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Hope everything goes well for you. I've enjoyed chatting with you on the forums, and I hope to do so in the future. Best of luck.

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I dont know you or ever communicate with you and I didn't read the entire post up there, but I wish you good luck and I hope to see you on here soon.

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Hope everything goes well for you!

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Best wishes mate, this was a really inspiring post. I hope everything works out with your occupation, and your future career after that!

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Please, please be safe... I had a cousin of mine die to cancer a while back (Never heard of him before so I didn't care much then), and then later on I realized how upsetting it was. Please, I wish you luck!

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Good luck man, if god exists, someone should slap him in the mouth for making such bad things in the world.

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undead_terror wrote:

Good luck man, if god exists, someone should slap him in the mouth for making such bad things in the world.


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My brother had a surgery done 2 days ago to remove a sizeable suspicious area of his scalp (2 words: huge scar), thankfully everything went well for him.

I hope you have the same luck as him!

Meowph, that's right!

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Good luck my friend and may the odds be in your favour!

Geez, If you don't make it, then there'll be no one to pester Nicalis about any of their game's releases!

Seriously, @RetroGBHippie92, I enjoyed seeing you posting and saying that you had been annoying Nicalis on Twitter. NL won't be the same without it!

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Wow, that's scary. I haven't been on this site long enough to get to know anyone, including yourself, but I wish you good luck.

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CapnPancakez wrote:

I'll pray for you man, and I hope the surgery goes well.

I second that. We all hope to see you back here soon!

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Joshers744 wrote:

CapnPancakez wrote:

I'll pray for you man, and I hope the surgery goes well.

I second that. We all hope to see you back here soon!

I'll third(?) that. I hope for your full and speedy recovery.

I foresee what you'll do there.
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