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Abandoned as child in the woods he was left alone to fight for his survival amongst the wild. Animals surrounded him on all sides he scavenged for everything he needed. Climbing trees, clawing in their dirt, fishing the river, even capturing bugs just to maintain a meager life. Eventually he joined society just to find out he was a slave to the system. Working tirelessly day and night to pay off a never ending debt to the evil Nook corporation. Trapped, he grew bitter and hatred reached uncontrollable levels. He was ready to battle. He craved the melee. He hungered for the brawl.

This child of the wilderness, this battered soul, has become hardened and unstoppable. Looking into his eyes is like looking into the heart of hell itself. Grown men have legs tremble and bowels shake in presence. All weep like children before his mightiness. He is the oncoming storm, he is the hungry flame, he is a ruthless warrior without a shred of mercy in his soul, he is a titan among the weak! He is The Villager!!!!!!

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His parents thought they had done the right thing in sending him away. Especially what happened with Uncle Lenny... it's what he would have wanted.
Never had they been so wrong.
In the short time he had been there, he only got stronger.
He can look in the face of corporate greed... and smile.
He can hit fierce, wild predators with a net... and smile.
He can get his eye ravaged by stinging insects... and smile.
The one known as The Master had seen his abilities.
And he was perfect for the job.
"'Take care of' that guy... and make it look like an accident."
The boy would only smile. This was music to his ears. It was what he was born to do.

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JayArr wrote:


This is fantastic.

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I knew there'd be a new smash meme coming around soon, but I thought it would be Wii Fit trainer, not this remorseless, demon child! D:

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There's too much gold in this character.XD




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Someone should do one with the axe which quotes:
"Chop chop mudda******!"

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Can we nominate this for Hall of Fame status?

I mean nothing the Fitness trainer can pull off will be better than this

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Greatest thread ever made.

I second @Nobodys_Angel 's Suggestion to nominate it for Hall of Fame status.



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