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Hello, for all those who aren't familiar, this thread is a continuation of the Best VGM Tournament thread that recently ended. As the user that started that thread left, we decided to make a new thread where the title could be changed and start fresh. If you have never participated in the tournament before, here's how it works:

We start by everyone nominating their two favorite songs in the category of the contest like, Best Title Screen Music. When we have enough songs, I will create a bracket and pit two sets of songs against each other for you all to vote for. We have a lot of fun during these contests so I hope you stick around to vote for your favorites.If you have further questions at any time please ask.

So with each person bringing two songs to start off, Let The Nominations Begin!

Previous Winners:
The Best VGM Tournament
Song: The Super Mario Galaxy - Credits Theme

The Best Title Screen Theme
Song: Xenoblade Chronicles Title Theme

The Best First Level Theme
Song: Super Mario Galaxy - Good Egg Galaxy

The Best Boss Theme
Song: Xenoblade Chronicles - You Will Know Our Names

The Best Character Theme
Song: Kid Icarus: Uprising - Dark Pit's Theme

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And so it begins!

Glad to see we went with my Best Title Screen Music idea!
With that said, here are my nominations. I'm really excited for this tournament to get underway.

I would have put up Ocarina of Time, but its already been nominated.

Kirby's Return to Dreamland

Kingdom Hearts 2

Wii Sports

^ Come on, who doesn't get major nostalgia from this? Admit it.

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Pretty easy to find my picks. Didn't overthink though, so I'm bound to remember something else. But I chose two tracks I'm proud of, so I don't care.

Xenoblade Chronicles:

Cave Story 3D:

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door:

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Crash Twinsanity:

Megaman 3:

Journey to Silius: Someone already nominated Silius I see. Great taste Zerkie. In that case I'll nominate this instead.

The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave:

I'm putting my money on Silius. That song ROCKS!!

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Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

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@CapnPancakez I don't think the SSBB one should be in this tournament as that's an opening theme and not a title theme.

I know what my first nomination will be but I'm still deciding on the second so I'll post mine later.


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I'm torn between Spirit Tracks and this but I think I'll go with Phantom Hourglass:
Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion

EDIT Added a third song

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Buck Bumble, best tilte theme ever.

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