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MrPokirby wrote:

(I hope this is relevant enough to the topic)
Hey, remember back when this was popular?

I feel old.

ah tose were the days....
Not really. those days sucked more the poltergust

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GuSilverFlame wrote:

Jaz007 wrote:

GuSilverFlame wrote:

Gioku wrote:

My dad just reminded me that this exists, so... yeah. I don't even know what to say about this one:

the subtitles in portuguese spoiled all the fun to me

You mean to tell mean that wasn't pure ghibberish?

ok there's that too but the thing saying "look at those guys passing by", "they have serious business faces" made it all worse

Oh no... you know what I just realized, guys? That 4 in the corner... this aired on the same channel as the Trololo guy!

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Gioku wrote:

@MrPokirby hahaha I remember when that was new!
...and you can't be 15 and feel old; I'm 17 and I don't feel old yet.

...but then again I'm still a little kid at heart.

No, you certainly can feel old at a young age. It just takes a certain object and a HUGE amount of nostalgia to trigger that old feeling. PBJ time doesn't make me feel THAT old, but when I look at my old Atari, my first video game console and my copy of Keystone Capers, my favorite Atari game, THAT'S when I feel old like you wouldn't believe.

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Try listening to PBJ time with both videos (the original and quoted) at the same time, it's quite the thing.
Listening to all 3 videos of the girls screaming is quite interesting too.
@Gioku He was actually singing that? Wow, how small his mouth movements are just amazing. Fits the roll perfectly with his face.

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Gioku wrote:

@Jaz007 yeah... this is what television was like in soviet Russia apparently, haha.

Fios needs to get this channel, their news channels (I'm assuming a channel 4 over is a news channel), or whatever is better than what we have here. Why get news when you could listen that guy? I think I need to figure how do rick rolling, but with him instead. Actually, do you have any idea how I could do that?
Watched him again, that guy is just amazing. Just perfection, perfection of the troll.

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Let's just say that Link has more important priorities to attend to.


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