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So as you guys have probably noticed I'm not posting here as often as I used to .
So I'm just gonna say I really don't have much time for NL anymore >_<.
I'll probably come once in a while, but my schedule is getting busier and busier.

Hope to see you guys soon though ^^.

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@Konata Really hope you come back! You were the best!

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Hopefully you'll find find some time soon, you'll be missed. Good luck with the new things on you're schedule.



We can all agree that we're going to miss @Konata very much. I know I'll miss you. Hopefully we can still play New Leaf together, please, @Konata?


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CanisWolfred wrote:

I'll be sure to never bring up "that word" again, then...

Not sure I quite get it. Do you guys not like the show or something?



@Konata: Goodbye! I hope you enjoy your time off.

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HeatBombastic wrote:

CanisWolfred wrote:

I'll be sure to never bring up "that word" again, then...

Not sure I quite get it. Do you guys not like the show or something?

Let me put it this way: If I was forced to think of that show every time I heard a word like "Vacation" which is a pretty common word, I would need a labotomy.

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Take care Blaze, Prof_Clayton, Retro and Konata! NL is a pretty big timesink, but I hope you'll find some time to visit in the future

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Okay, now I'm leaving. :3
See you guys next Sunday~
(My Animal Crossing Town road will be complete by then. >:3).

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