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So, this fall, I will be off to college! Hooray! But the thing is, I really want to continue to play video games. Bringing my 3DS won't be an issue since it is portable and I don't have to take up much space with it, but what about my Wii U and Wii?

Do colleges let you bring game consoles?
Should I bring my Wii U and Wii to college with me?

Thanks for the help. And since this will probably come up, I game pretty often on all of my systems and my grades are still good. I can manage gaming and study.

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@kyuubikid213 - I'm gonna be in the same boat as you next year. At least for the first semester, I'd leave the Wii/Wii U at home. You're going to a college to get a higher education (hopefully), and with the multitude of distractions and adjustments you need to make while there, adding in a new console would just complicate matters even further. Plus, you never know what you're roommate(s) and people on your floor will be like. I don't necessarily mean them picking on you for being a Nintendo fan (I'm sure you can manage that if you're survived high school as a Nintendo fan), but someone decides to steal your console, that's a big (and ultimately avoidable) problem.

You should also check with your college and see if their policies allow you to bring consoles to campus. They probably will, but their are certain schools who may ban them for various reasons.

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From my years of college, I seen everyone bring whatever they want; Games, TVs, handhelds, ect. You name it, and you can bring it, as long as it doesn't stop you from your studies.
Your an adult now, you can do pretty much what you want, but college isn't all fun and games, don't let your hobbies cloud whats important.
And its cool that you like to play video games and all, but its more fun to play with someone else, to help you "score" more points, if you catch my drift.

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Shouldn't you be more bothered about the Ladies there.

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@kyuubikid213 If I were in you're shoes, I'd definitely take my 3DS with me. However, I'd leave at least my Wii U at home until the next break (and no, labor day is too soon). The next time you visit friends/family, you would have a better understanding of your workload and roommates and could make the decision then.

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I'm currently in a University. It's keeping me quite busy, so I really only have time for my 3DS anyway!

It probably differs from place to place, but nobody here really cares what you put in your dorm. My previous roommate had a PS3 and XBOX 360 hooked up to an HDTV in here. Soooo... yeah.

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I agree with most everyone else about Universities allowing you to bring whatever you want in that regards. I've never heard of a school saying "no" to home consoles.

I also like the idea of just bringing your 3DS for now while you get a feel for your surroundings, workload, roommate, neighbors, &c. That's a good call. I am a little confused by why you would bring both your Wii and Wii U though. Wouldn't just the Wii U suffice?

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Ah, the first year of college. I remember trying to figure out what pieces of future in my dorm room I could hollow out to hide booze in and what air freshener cleared out thick clouds of acrid smoke the best. Sigh.....memories.

Anyway, if you're going to be living in a dorm keep in mind that space will definitely be at a premium. You may just want to take a handheld and leave the consoles at home.

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@Ron_DelVillano: Maybe he didnt transfer things from his Wii to Wii U.

@kyuubikid213: Agree with what everyone has said here. Leave the Wii and Wii U home for now until you get the feel of the school. College can be alot different than High School depending on the professors. You dont know how much work a given professor may pile on you and how much time you have to do it, plus who know there might be some extra stuff there like clubs and such that might pique your interest and you might get involved in that. Also like others say you dont know the environment as well see what policies the campus has if a system gets lost or stolen some schools I have heard wont replace it.

Also see what your roommate(s) if you have one will think about you bringing a video game console. They may not want a distraction like that in the room where as a 3DS you can keep fairly private by using headphones and not having it on the big screen in your room. Also this will give you time to measure out what kind of person your roommate his. YOu might get one that wont respect you and think that because its his room too he gets to play the Wii U whenever he wants even without your permission if that makes sense.

Anyway wish you the best of luck in your new adventure.

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I'm sure you can, mine does (or do they?!?!?!?!)

Here's some advice, my friend:
No matter what, freshman year is the worst experience you'll ever have in your life.

Other than that, I wish you the best of luck!

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pntjr wrote:

No matter what, freshman year is the worst experience you'll ever have in your life.

Sorry you had a bad Freshman year at your Uni, but this is hardly a universal thing. My Freshman year was fine. I think the Freshman year of most students is fine.

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I really enjoyed my first (and only) year at college. It felt more open than high school ever did, and people are mature enough not to give a care what you're into. Seriously, I'd play my DS inbetween classes (I had about an hour & a half between my history and math courses), and no one said a thing to me (in fact, there were people playing DS, PSP, and iPod Touch all the time. Lots of PSP's though).

Then again, I still lived at home (we live close to the university I went to), so I imagine the experience would be quite different for anyone living in a dorm.


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pntjr wrote:

No matter what, freshman year is the worst experience you'll ever have in your life.

You are literally the only person i have ever heard in my life make that assertion. The majority of people's feelings on freshman year is quite the opposite.

On topic, i'd agree that it would probably be best to hold off on bringing up the console(s) until you get a feel for everything first — your roomate(s), the size of the dorm space, the nature of the on-campus life, etc etc. You can always bring a console back with you following a holiday break or have your family ship it to you.

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Thanks for all of the advice, guys! I'll leave my Wii U and Wii home for now. The reason why I wanted both was because I still play the GameCube games very often. Also, the Wii is in perfect working order, so I could grab a bunch of cheap GCN controllers and have a Brawl party or something.

Anyway, thanks for the advice! I'm definitely going to bring them in the future, but not until after I have a better feel of college.

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