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Mine is the green thunder (Luigi) looking out the window without his cap, and it's snowing outside. It's pretty basic, but nothing to sneeze at.

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....Hmmm, I could switch characters again to Mizore....she doesn't even need a Christmas outfit, she'll freeze you in a snowstorm if you complain, lol

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So... since people have been posting here and no new thread in sight, I guess I should change the title to match the current year... unless anyone wants to start a new thread that is. To anyone new, rules are in the first post. You have till December 21st to show your Jolly Olly mad avatars and the winner will be determined by the Moderators. So good luck and Season's greetings to all~ Untitled

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My new one is really simple, it's the avatar I did last year but I redrew it myself in Colors instead of tracing over something in MSPaint. I think the lineart could have come out better and really the whole thing looked better on my 3DS, but I think it turned out OK anyway. It's just as difficult to draw clear art on that program as I remember- curse you, small screen size! >.> Well, I had fun drawing it anyway, though I think I might go over it with my ipad or something cause I really think I could have done a lot better.

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Where was I last yearz, I would've did great with this, well this year, I'm gonna make an avatar of Christmas this year, and the Ristar one right now is a placeholder. (I review stuff here, check it out : P )

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I put a halo on mine. Does that count?

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I threw this together with my mad MS Paint skilz. A bit oddly cropped though, might have to edit it later.

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I made my wizard more red to look like Santa, but you can't really tell the difference.

I had fun once and it was awful.


Added a Santa hat. Boom, Christmassy

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why the hell am I doing this when I have to write a paper on translation studies in the sociological and cognitive field (save me)

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