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In my opinion, since facebook, Instagram, etc. have come around, i don't think anybody really uses myspace anymore. It has to be pretty desolate over there, right? what if we just went over there. Just for a day. Give myspace a shimmer of hope. I know this is kind of stupid, but just imagine what it would be like to have a whole WEBSITE to ourselves.

tumblr's better...

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Morphtorok wrote:

It would be like being alone in an abandoned mall.... Just scary.

Quote of the thread, people.

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Could you actually change this thread to "Websites we Should Visit"? It would last much longer, and I'd like to see some new and interesting websites.
Let me show an example:
I just found this cool search engine called Blekko, and another one called Volunia

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I just checked out MySpace on wiki and it looks like they recently deleted pretty much everyone's stuff so... Yeah it's probably pretty desolate there.

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Yes, this abandoned mall you guys call myspace sounds fun. Filled with zombies-fun.

Meowph, that's right!

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... Or crazy cultists. Leftovers from the ancient civilization that once frequented myspace, wait no, it's a mall... Not ancient ruins.

Still... Crazy cultists..

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