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Well, there seems to be many threads that have suggestions on what people should get on various systems, but what are some games we SHOULDN'T get? Also is there any games that you have found looked stupid, but were actually really fun?



Games that suck
Games that add nothing to a series when you could buy an actual new game

there, thread over

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Bioshock is 10 years old. Let's play through its horrific environment and see why its so beloved!
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Great idea, @MrsPickles! Sonic and the Secret Rings was pretty frustrating and hard, so I wouldn't play it. EDIT: Wait, you know what? This article could pull up a lot of debates, arguements, and chaos. Just a warning.

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This is a great thread

I have a really long list don't worry



Bubble Bobble Revolution on the DS. (At least in the NA version) The boss on level 30-ish will not appear, and you can't progress. Seriously. Only 30 of the 100 levels are playable.

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kkslider5552000 wrote:

Games that add nothing to a series when you could buy an actual new game

I love this game and the additions they did make are very neat, but it wasn't worth buying every figure(I have OCD when it comes to that)... Also there aren't enough chapterrrrrs (Swap Force will have even less, even though it has twice as many new characters :/)

Just stick to SSA, Giants is a good game but things like Series 1 figures not unlocking Heroics and being 100% inferior to S2s just feel like money grabs. Swap Force looks cool, but you need to buy another 6 figures again(technically four if you get both starter packs, but at that point you're probably a collector anyway, because Giants 3DS sucked and Swap Force 3DS reeks of the same issues). It's only going to have 12 levels, unless you pony up the $60 or so to get the two new adventure packs, which only contain one new character, level, and two useless bonus items each.

Unfortunately, it's too late for me off to dust my collection

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