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Sean+Aaron wrote:

3 litre bottles of fizzy drinks pretty much encompass all that is wrong with the American diet, don't they? I mean, come on! Unless you've got gills and breathe the stuff it's going to go flat before you finish it and I cannot believe there's enough people in America having parties to justify the number I've seen in the shops, so clearly there's people walking around with bloody IV's full of it hooked up to their arms.

i lold^_^

on topic, im 14 and 11 months and im 5' 8" last time i checked. i dont remeber my weight, but it was normal by BMI standards



I'm 18, male, and 6'00".

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My weight loss plan has borne fruit and I'm now a svelte 91.5kg! Still a few more to go before I'll stop starving myself though (just kidding!).

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oh, about yea high.

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I'm 21, male, and 6'2", but I dare not say my weight

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@lz2009: You afraid you'll shame us all with how amazingly fit you are?

I don't know if I've posted my weight before and don't feel like looking back. It's probably lower now anyway, though. Approximately 210. Not bad for 6'3".

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I'm 16 and 1.82m or 5.9 ft

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Panda wrote:

One million!

One million what? Millimeters?

Wait, that's still 1,000 meters. Holy crap dude.

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Panda wrote:

One million!

one million... what? your puny number-words mean nothing without associated units of measure! D:

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I've been stuck at 5'10" ever since I reached the age of 15.

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