Topic: How do you feel about DRM? And where will it go from here?

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Reports suggesting that Ubisoft’s controversial new DRM platform have already been cracked are wide of the mark, according to the publisher.

As part of Ubisoft’s new anti-piracy measures, consumers of its PC titles are required to connect to accounts to authenticate games online each time they play them, meaning they always need to be connected to the internet.

Wow - you have to be connected to the internet at ALL TIMES to play a computer game you BOUGHT?

Are we at the point game companies are going to start growing piracy by trying to eliminate it? As in, alienating the good and legal buyers out there by making them jump through more and more hoops?

I understand the war on piracy, and I hate pirates. No doubt pirating has hurt the Wii in particular this gen, I understand it is the easiest to mod and pirate for?

But still, you look at all the things being pushed on us, be it form EA, or Ubisoft, or Nintendo, or MS, or Sony - its like - where does it end? I am becoming more and more wary of the digital platforms and and the implications online services have had on retail purchases. I am not a fan of pay to play online, either. And look at how that bug on PS3 locked systems up - what the hell? Granted, it was short lived, but can you believe the control Sony has on the box in your living room? They gonna (c)lock it up so you have to buy a PS4?

How do you feel? What are your concerns?



This is a stupid approach. If I played games on the PC, I would refuse to buy an UbiSoft games. Hopefully DRM dies in all its forms ... and soon.

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Microsoft can lock their systems too...
DRM is going to stay, although some systems are just terrible and should not exist. GFWL comes to mind, it doesn`t actually stop the pirating, its easy to get around, but is really annoying to users, especially in non-supported countries. And don`t think that DRM doesn`t cause pirates to jump through hoops as well.

Anyway, this Ubisoft DRM actually makes you go back to the previous savepoint everytime you lose connection to their servers. That is the most ignorant part of this system.

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This topic sounds familiar.

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