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Slime-san (Switch):
Skill-focused platformer ala Super Meat Boy or Celeste. There's not really much to this game outside of the challenge of the gameplay itself, though. There's a lot of characters, but they're not terribly memorable and only get a few lines of dialogue each. The music is unremarkable. The visual design is... weird, with hollow-looking characters and clashing colors all over the place. There are shops to buy new slimes, themes, and accessories, though. The new slimes actually change how your slime feels, although I found myself preferring the default character.

The saving grace of this release is decent level design and a LOT of free DLC content. In addition to the 100 levels in the base game (all with collectibles and time trials), there are four or five additional worlds to play through. Combined with the low cost of admission, it's a good value. I collected the majority of collectible apples throughout the levels and also completed a handful of time trials before hitting the end credits. While I'll probably dip back in here and there, I think I'm mostly done with it. Not an amazing game, but I'm happy enough with it.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PC):
Finally got around to playing this. I knew I would have to try this eventually after playing through the excellent Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. It's alright. The core mechanics of the game are pretty solid, of course, and it's fun gradually building up your troops, although I feel like the pool of available skills and abilities for each type of soldier was a bit limited. The presentation is good in battle, although, for whatever reason, the cutscenes seem to top out at 30fps, which is a bit of jarring transition from the smooth 60fps gameplay.

Two things kind of held this game back for me. The first is the sheer repetitiveness of the gameplay. Once I cycled through the four different types of events in this game (UFO sightings, terror missions, panic management quests, and main story quests) a few times, the lack of a feeling of forward progression began to wear on me. This is very much a game where you do the same things over and over again, with little in the way of surprises. The first five or six hours are very strong, but afterward, it just feels like the same thing continuously.

The second thing holding this back for me is the lack of a compelling story. There's a narrative here, for sure, but it's razor thin and primarily communicated through boring and very short cutscenes. I continuously interacted with a handful of characters, but I barely even remember them after finishing. The campaign just kind of felt like it was going through the motions.

I also didn't like the limited control I had over managing panic in various nations. Other than completing missions, requests, and launching satellites, there's often not a lot to do when countries are on the verge of leaving XCOM. Thankfully, you can lose at least a few countries and still be fine, but the whole process was less than ideal.

I did like gradually building up my base over the course of the game. You kind of want to plan out how you lay out buildings, as adjacent ones of the same type grant bonuses, which can definitely add up over the course of the 25-hour-ish campaign.

I also enjoyed the variety of weapons and armors that you unlocked throughout the game. The ghost suit, my favorite piece of armor, actually allowed my characters to become very temporarily invisible, allowing me to sneak up on otherwise annoying enemies.

The best aspect of this game besides the actual strategy gameplay is the lore, surprisingly. As you dissect and study alien remains at your base after recovering them from battles, you learn a lot about the sorts of lengths the aliens were willing to go to to be as fearsome as they were. It made for some very interesting reading.

All-in-all, a solid enough game, but it also has a number of glaring weaknesses that kept it from being a top-of-the-line experience.



I bought Catrap back when it came to 3DS' virtual console and played the first 25 stages or so. It wasn't quite as good as I wanted it to be. Now I picked it up again couple of weeks ago and finished it on Saturday. It was much more fun than I remembered it being. It has very simple gameplay mechanics but some puzzles took me over half an hour to solve.

The puzzles consist of defeating all enemies which you can do by bumping into them. To reach your goal, you also need to move blocks around the stage and occasionally switch between two characters. The puzzle can be restarted if you put yourself into a position where you can't win anymore but there's also a rewind button which is very useful. There are 100 stages and a level creation tool. You can save up to 5 stages but you can also turn them into codes that you can share with other people who own the game. The codes are very long, though.

All around a solid puzzle game which should last quite a long time. As it is a GB game, it's only 3€ on the eShop too.

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Mighty Switch Force! 2
I nabbed this when it first released, but I never fully finished it before now. It's a lot like the original in that the gameplay revolves around solving environmental puzzles and platforming, both of which are reliant on the block-switching mechanic. Like the original, the 3D is extremely effective and helps with the gameplay. Other than using your fire hose to douse flames, the gameplay is extremely similar to the first game. It can probably be completed within an hour if you just rush through it, but I got a good 8 or so hours out of it by speedrunning levels and trying to find all the hidden babies (which you humorously kick to safety).

Nothing incredible, but the pixel art is attractive, the gameplay is tight, and it's a good time overall. Also, the music is surprisingly decent. Especially the awesome ending credits theme.

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Just cleared Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Torna the Golden Country last night. It's by far the best DLC/expansion I have ever played. I absolutely loved it!

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I finished my 100% Master Quest run of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D a week ago. It's been six years since I played the original quest, and it still holds up quite well. They weren't kidding when they called it "Master Quest"....I admittedly had to look up the weird solutions to a couple of puzzles. I wonder what sick, creative mind thought that using cows for switches inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly thought that was a good idea....XD The story, gameplay, characters, side quests, and exploration are as memorable as ever.

This one is still a classic. 10/10 Everyone must buy.

I also managed to finally finish Paper Mario: Color Splash this past week. I...really don't know what to think of this game.

On one hand, the dialogue was funny, Mario's 2D paper world was beautiful and fun to explore, Thing cards are fun to use, and for the most part I enjoyed the paint mechanics. Huey was a decent fellow. Despite the complaints of others, I even enjoyed many of the Toad characters; most of them looked the same and could have been fleshed out more personality-wise, but at times their personalities did shine through.

On the other hand, this game fell short in various ways. The story was by no means bad per se, but I found it fairly predictable and lukewarm. The combat grew old fast. It feels strangely limiting to rely on cards that may or may not work against certain opponents and have to be bought time and time again. Other than Thing cards, combat became tedious after awhile; I often found myself avoiding enemies if I could. Combat wasn't meaningful other than serving to upgrade the paint capacity in Mario's hammer. After the beginning hours of the game, I very rarely ran out of paint. Speaking of paint, whose idea was it to have the Shy Bandit spawn in random areas of the map? Having something spawn far away from you, THAT YOU CAN'T ALWAYS GET TO IN TIME because of how paths on the map are drawn, and suck away all of your painted progress in a level really irks me. I probably wouldn't have minded this much as a kid, but I'm quite sensitive to how long something takes as an adult. Needless to say, I didn't bother with 100% completion in this game. Also having Kamek appear and mess around with the player isn't fun. There was a point in Redpepper Volcano when he appeared during an encounter with those fireball dudes who can only be defeated with certain cards. He pulled the "I'll steal everything except six cards" thing. Guess what? Only two of the six cards that he left were of any use. I had to run from the encounter and, guess what? No cards. I ended up just going back to my last save and starting the level over.

This was my first Paper Mario game. While I'm definitely interested in playing most of the other games in the series, I'll be giving Sticker Star a wide berth. I've already picked up a used copy of Super Paper Mario.

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Not exactly recently (about a month ago), but it was We Love Katamari (PS2, 2005).

This was the second and last Katamari title directed by Keita Takahashi, the series creator. It's a pretty cool sequel. It's funny how meta the game is, the story is about fans of the original title who ask favors for you and tell you how much the first title inspired them.

WLK is one of the most varied games in the series in terms of settings. WLK has underwater levels, a level set in a field of flowers (with a very romantic song called "Angel Rain", might I add), a school level, a level where you roll a flaming Katamari in a camp, a level where you Katamari is actually a sumo fighter and a level where you gather fireflies for a student (one of my favorites).

What more can I say, It was amazing fun. I'd say I enjoyed it more than the original because of the level variety. The soundtrack is amazing as always. My favorite songs from the game are "Houston" and "Angel Rain".

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Persona 4 Golden (PsVita)
Bought it 4 years ago digitally on my psvita and never wen’t beyond the opening velvet room scene. Rebought it physically in june and finally started it 4 weeks ago. The game is amazing. Building all social links/arcana’s was fun to do and you actually get feelings for those characters. The dungeon crawling part was okay but it was a small part of the game (about 25%).
I read that having multiple lover relationship didn’t influence the game as long as you didn’t go to the movies with any of them, which was kind off true, but once you reach valentines day the game makes sure you feel like a cheating ghij and kinda makes you depressed.
I recommend this game to any psvita or pstv owner.

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