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@MysticGengar No beef. Was just trying to work out whether there was another Bleed game I want aware of. I've been playing Bleed 1 this week and liked it enough straight away to buy Bleed 2 without hesitation, but will finish 1 first.

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@Ralizah I find the Wii remote very comfortable when held the normal way, but I've never been a fan of the sideways Wii remote either. It's functional, but the D Pad is too small for my liking.

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(this post will be kind of disorganized and rambling; I have a lot to say about this game, and my thoughts aren't really in order, seeing as how I've only just fully completed it)

I've completely finished Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice on the Nintendo 3DS, which makes it my third finished game in 2019. While I've always remained a fan of this series, I won't pretend that my enthusiasm for recent AA games, starting with Apollo Justice, hasn't divebombed. AJ and Dual Destinies are both fine games in their own right, but they simply couldn't live up to the standards of the original trilogy. I'm glad to report, however, that trend has changed massively with the latest 2016 outing in the series, Spirit of Justice, which not only goes back to the level of excellence I associated with the original trilogy, but actually tops those games in many respects.

There's so much to praise here. First: I really, really like a lot of the new characters in this entry. They're fun and realistically complicated people in their own right, even when they can, at first glance, easily be fit into predefined character archetypes (the character Rayfa, for example, is definitely a tsundere, but she also has enough variation to her characterization to allow her to transcend this and become a unique fictional person in her own right). Ema returns here, and, thankfully, she's a lot less miserable than she was in Apollo Justice.

I've had a lot of difficulty relating to Apollo over the last couple of games, and have struggled to find him anything other than obnoxious. This game truly does Apollo justice (heh), though, illuminating his personal history and tying his fate in with the destiny of a nation in a complex and electrifying final case that might actually surpass Bridge to the Turnabout in terms of how it fuses the personal with a wide-ranging conspiracy that ties the entire game together into one epic narrative.

One of the best immediate changes made in this game is situating most of it in an entirely different region. Khura'in is a fantastic new setting for a few reasons: it deeply connects the histories of certain major characters; as a theocracy ruled over by an unjust and fanatical monarchy, it poses a lot of genuinely fascinating challenges for cases taken on by Phoenix (primarily, a law that sentences defense attorneys to the same punishment meted out to their client should they happen to lose; this persecution quickly led to all of the country's lawyers seeking asylum elsewhere, and forced those charged with crimes to undergo trials without any kind of representation on their behalf); and, tying into the theocratic aspects of the setting, and leaning in to the always-present supernatural aspects of the series, the use of divination seances by the princess of Khura'in to summon the memories of the dead is an innovative twist that, in addition to providing an entirely new trial mechanic, also helps "even the playing field," so to speak, with Phoenix Wright and his ever-increasing crew of lawyers and friends with outright superpowers. It's cool to see the supernatural being invoked on behalf of the prosecution.

This might be the first game in the Ace Attorney series where I genuinely enjoyed every single case in the game. Some of them are much lower in quality than others, but the average quality of the game, from case-to-case, is probably the highest it has ever been in the mainline games.

My favorite aspect of SoJ is, unquestionably, how well it ties the entire series together. There has always been a lot of... disconnection between the trilogies, with connections and older character cropping up only occasionally, and even then feeling like out-of-place cameos, but the integration of old and new characters in this game really makes the Ace Attorney universe come together brilliantly. Maya, Pearl, Phoenix, and Edgeworth fit alongside Apollo, Trucy, and Athena into one integrated story. The game actually revisits Kurain Village at one point!

Presentation-wise, everything is similarly fantastic. The game uses full 3D models, similar to the previous series entry, Dual Destinies. Unlike that game, though, these models are actually extremely well-animated and surprisingly detailed. There's a lot more natural movement and life in these character models (perhaps a bit too much: once in a while, the game will hang on a dialog box or stutter a bit after a particularly complex animation or set of animations. I feel like this game is pushing against the limits of what is comfortably achievable on the standard 3DS hardware). One fully 3D animated cutscene that particularly benefits from this step up in production values is Rayfa's Dance of Devotion at the beginning of a Divination Seance: it looks really, really good for the system. The music is also superb, with some remixes of older tunes that really jazz them up alongside compelling newer tunes.

So, for the most part, I was extremely satisfied with this game. It does still have some minor issues that keep it from being as good as it could possibly be. To briefly list them:

  • There are two filler cases in this game: Case 2, The Magical Turnabout, and Case 4, Turnabout Storyteller, are both disconnected from the larger plot of the game, and seem to only exist to give Apollo and Athena something to do before the harrowing final case. I happen to think Case 2 is one of the better cases in the series, and, even though Case 4 isn't great, it's still better-than-average for an Ace Attorney filler case.
  • While I like Nahyuta Sahdmadhi (especially in terms of how he connects to Apollo and the game's compelling larger story in Khura'in), he's not especially interesting as a prosecutor. The original Ace Attorney and Trials and Tribulations both benefited from having complex and interesting prosecutors who were full of personality. Nahyuta doesn't bring a lot to the table in this regard, unfortunately, and spends most of his trials calling you putrid and ENDLESSLY telling you to "let it go, and move on." Endlessly. It's his catchphrase, and he uses it for every situation. With that said, he's still a good character in terms of his role in the final case, and I really dig his character theme.
  • The Big Bad in this game doesn't quite get enough build-up to make your confrontation with them nearly as satisfying as it was confronting the bad guys in the first and third games, respectively.
  • The writers for this series don't seem to know what to do with Maya other than imperil her. It was bad enough that she got kidnapped in both the second and third games; now she gets kidnapped TWICE in the same game! She's becoming the Princess Peach of the Ace Attorney universe. Anyway, Maya is an awesome character, and I hate seeing her be reduced to a mere prop in these mysteries.

Overall, though, I couldn't recommend this game enough. It'll be interesting to see how the series evolves past this point, given how the way it ends shakes the status quo up in a pretty significant way. If we do end up getting a new set of games, the narrative focus will have to change. I wouldn't mind a game that fleshes out Athena Cykes, personally, but we'll see what happens. An easy 9/10. With just a few changes, it could have been the best game in the series. As it stands now, I'd place it just below Trials and Tribulations, making it my second favorite game in the series.

I also played all of the DLC cases. There are two jokey hour-long ones that are... cute, but utterly insubstantial. They come with 3DS themes, which is cool, but those themes are kind of boring. They both made me laugh enough to be worth the money I paid for them, though. The real meat of the DLC is another full case, Turnabout Time Traveler, which is kind of a throwback. Maya is your companion through the entire thing, a certain annoying character from the original trilogy makes his grand return, and you square off in court against Miles Edgeworth. This aspect is reasonably well-done, and great fanservice for long-time fans. With that said, the case itself, while decent, was one of the weakest in the game, and very predictable in some respects. Again, definitely worth the money, but not as good as the DLC case in Dual Destinies which was, surprisingly, the high point on that game. Overall, I'd give the DLC a 6/10.

@CanisWolfred It's a pity NSMBU came out when it did, and on the console it did. People were already kind of tired of the series anyway, and people just weren't super enthusiastic about Nintendo's new console, so it didn't get the reception it deserved. Hopefully that'll change with the Switch re-release. it's definitely one of the best side-scrolling games in the series.

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I have finished the storyline of The Dog Island Wii last Sunday morning. 😀
The journey of the main character to save his / her sibling that got really incurable sickness. Only a Legendary Flower can heal him / her. But to find a Legendary Flower, the main character should through very Tough journey, become a Sniff Master and befriend with Anc creature (Petasi).

I have ever finished that game on PS2 version last time on year 2006 as i remembered (But with my pirated copy) , but this year i finished again with Original Wii disc. 😀

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5. Final Fantasy VIII PS1 (90)
6. Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo 3DS (89)

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I'm proud to say The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Expansion Pass included. 6 days ago.

It's been a long ride (more than 205 hours, but I know many people play further than that), but I enjoyed most of it a lot. But, like with everything else, it comes a time when you just want to see the end, enjoy it and move on, no matter how much you like it. You want to focus on other things, and right now I'm going to alternate Dragon Quest Builders (whose Chapter 1 I already finished in early 2018) and short bursts on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as well as small and arcade titles in even shorter bursts.

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Beat Sky Force Anniversary on the PS Vita. This is the fourth game I've completed in 2019 thus far. Anyway, I probably spent 10+ hours obsessively playing through this game over the last couple of days (primarily yesterday), because arcadey, mission-based games tend to have that effect on me.

This is a fairly standard vertical shmup with an upgrade system (leading to a lot of level grinding if you want to level up all your stuff like I did). Each level is filled with stars. These are your currency, and the more of these collect, the faster you can buy side weapons and upgrade your stats. There are also medals you can achieve for completing challenges in each level (such as killing every enemy, completing a level without getting hurt, saving humans stranded throughout the level, etc.), and you use these medals to unlock more stages. There are only 9 unique stages in the game, though, so the vast majority of the game is spent replaying the same levels over and over on various difficulty settings to collect more medals (each difficulty level has four achieveable medals, and there are three difficulty levels, so you can achieve a max of 12 medals for each level) or grind for currency to improve your ship.

This all sounds like a grind, but it didn't bother me too much. The levels are unremarkable design-wise, but they had a good difficulty curve, and the game itself is, all things considered, decent fun if you like shmups.

The worst thing about this version of the game is the performance. Besides some bugs that kept popping up (certain levels would develop a nasty, static-y hiss if you replayed them, causing me to turn down the volume for large chunks of the game), the game runs at 30fps with infrequent dips. Really bad dips. They only last a second or so, but in a game where you can die in the blink of an eye, this caused more than its fair share of annoying and unfair deaths. The load times are also really bad, and it would sometimes take almost half a minute to load up a level. I have to assume this is due to shoddy optimization, as the game doesn't seem to have a lot going on visually beyond the sheer number of projectiles that are often on-screen.

The music and sound are pretty forgettable, all things considered, as are the bosses. The campaign has no narrative elements or real pacing to it, either. It just kind of... ends. It's very weird, as you get the credits roll after stage 8, but stage 9, which unlocks after the credits, seems much more like what I would expect from the final level of the game.

This sounds harsh, but keep in mind I've been playing it almost non-stop for two days, so it can't be too bad. There are still some more medals for me to earn, but... honestly, I think I'm done with the game. I'm giving the Vita version a 4/10. Maybe add a point for other versions of the game if they don't suffer from the same performance issues.



Beat Valkyria Chronicles last night. Real fun game with really great strategy gameplay and a pretty great story and cast of characters. Definitely got me extremely excited to play the other games.

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I beat Fire Emblem Awakening last night. On casual though for my first try of the series so I’m not sure if that counts?

I’m trying to complete games I buy now as I got too guilty of buying lots of Switch games and never finishing them because I’d play another shiny new game that came out. Now I try and save the new game as a treat for finishing the current one. This works... occasionally.

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For the first time in my life I got all 30 parts in the original Pikmin. I've beaten the game before but I've never been able to get all of the parts. It wasn't too hard though so I guess I was just bad at strategizing as a kid

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Disaster: Day of Crisis (Wii)

Another great Monolith Soft game to check off the list. Fighting against a rogue Special Forces unit to save the world from a nuclear threat, while rescuing people from multiple natural disasters that occur one after another at the same time is one heck of a premise. It's a galore of blockbuster movies where you outrun a tsunami, drive through a volcano eruption and engage in firefights during a hurricane. The cheesy dialogue not only sells the whole over-the-top nature of the game but also the characters who are all well voiced acted giving them the essential charm that makes the game all the more endearing. Overall the game utilizes all of the Wii Remote + Nunchuk features to good use, the Time Crisis style on-rail shooting feels nice and accurate, rescue mini games do get a bit monotonous after you've already done them once before due to little variety but are functional, the driving sections are the ones I had the most trouble with but they are manageable through trial and error. The game can be completed in less than ten hours but that's hardly an issue, for how well-paced it is and with a few unlockables to work for and being able to carry over your stats and weapons to a new game does provide some replay value after beating the game once.

I truly enjoyed my time with this game, it mixes all sorts of gameplay elements from different genres into something unique and with great success. The high octane action sequences and the hilarious writing both turned Disaster: Day of Crisis into a gem that I would love to see Monolith Soft return to in the near future.

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Diablo 3 campaign. It was great, got better as it went on I thought.
Now for adventure mode.



Dragon Quest XI (PS4) - This was a pretty good time. I think I still prefer VIII (I very much preferred it's cast), but XI is still a very solid JRPG with some awesome moments and an absolutely gorgeous world.

Unravel (PS4) - A very charming and stunning looking puzzle platformer with a touching narrative. I got stumped a few times, but usually nothing I couldn't figure out after a few tries (except a little uphill section in the final level. That was a pain in the butt, but worth it in the end). It was a great way to break up the grind of DQXI's post game.

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To add to my previous list:

Cheese Cat-Astrophe Starring Speedy Gonzales
Castelvania: Bloodlines
Crack Down
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
Gain Ground
Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi
Sonic 3D Blast
Space Harrier II
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
Bonanza Bros.
Ecco Jr.
Bio-Hazard Battle
Columns III
ESWAT: City Under Siege

3D Galaxy Force II

Pretty stoked, managed to finish 31 games over 31 days and take a huge chunk out of my Megadrive backlog while I was at it, less than 30 to go. Ristar, Gain Ground and Bonanza Bros. were quite fun. Cheese Catastrophe is finally out of the way, the last physical cart that I needed to finish. Ecco Jr. was quite relaxing in comparison to the original Ecco game. Still have tides of time to do though...

The Greatest love story ever, Rosie Love (part 33 done)
The collective noun for a group of lunatics is a forum. A forum of lunatics.
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Beat NSMBUDX last night and finished the campaign of Ace Combat 7 the day before. Still have to do a few more play through but it's a terrific game! Oh and my kids and I finally beat Ghaleem in WoL too (yes I know he's not the "final" boss, but we still felt accomplished)



In my journey to invest myself in the RPG side of all things Mario, I made it to the end credits of Super Paper Mario this past weekend.


  • Story: While I wouldn't call it GotY material, it was pretty well written. The motivation for Mario & Co. to save the day is outlined quite well and even brought home to the player in some drastic aspects. This game becomes pretty dark at times...something that I didn't think I'd be typing about a Mario RPG. Then again, this is Nintendo, and they can pull some pretty dark moments out of thin air sometimes. I suppose what was more surprising was that this game was full of them.
  • Writing: The writing in this game was well done and pretty entertaining. I had thought that Color Splash had some decent writing, but this game almost puts that one to shame in comparison.
  • Characters: Many of the characters were unique and memorable. I found the main villain's lackeys quite entertaining in particular.
  • Music: While I've played games with more memorable soundtracks, some tracks like Soft Light, In The Darkness, and the main theme for O'Chunks stick out in my mind.
  • The Pixls: Many of these were useful and were introduced in some crazy ways. Some were more useful than others, true, but overall I enjoyed using them.
  • The very concept of Francis, plus his castle and robo-cat butlers....And the dating sim. I even found that entertaining.


  • The world/exploration: While I felt that this was done really well in some levels due to Mario's ability to flip dimensions, others seemed fairly linear and didn't have much to them. That's not to say there weren't any "Oh, that's cool!" moments. I did enjoy the different renderings for each world.
  • Poor, poor Luigi. I feel like he occasionally gets the short end of the stick, but SPM "ended his game" twice, had him be forcibly brainwashed, and to cap everything off, the poor guy is controlled AGAIN by a magical delinquent. Guys in green just don't catch a break.


  • Switching between characters and Pixls: Is there any other way to do this besides going to the pause menu and selecting each from there? This seemed to ruin the pacing sometimes when you had to do a lot of switching in order to solve different puzzles and environmental obstacles.
  • Recipes and Catch Cards: I suppose this isn't really a true negative, but I didn't really find much motivation to bother with either of these collect-a-thons very much. Though the recipe ladies are both entertaining....

All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend this game. It's an odd RPG/platforming hybrid, but the two elements mashed together here seem to (mostly) work. I really don't understand the complaints about this one, but that could be because I've been playing the Paper Mario games in reverse order...ignoring Sticker Star, which I'm skipping.

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Super Paper Mario Wii was the Darkest and the Scariest Mario games ever.
Who cannot stand for disturbing eerie sounds of World of Nothing and River Twygz Bed ? 😱

My Top 6 games :
1. Dance Dance Revolution series (100)
2. Dragon Quest Builders 2 PS4/Switch (95)
3. The Sims 4 PS4 + All contents (93)
4. Portal Knights PS4 (90)
5. Final Fantasy VIII PS1 (90)
6. Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo 3DS (89)

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@Anti-Matter: I was pleasantly surprised at how dark it was at times. I admittedly knew about Mimi before starting the game since that character has appeared on a few YouTube lists, but some of the other dark moments took me by (pleasant) surprise. Not just dark moments either, but there were a few that definitely hit you in the feels.

It's amazing that the game pulled off an E rating back in 2007....

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Super Paper Mario was rated "E" for Eerie contents. 😱

My Top 6 games :
1. Dance Dance Revolution series (100)
2. Dragon Quest Builders 2 PS4/Switch (95)
3. The Sims 4 PS4 + All contents (93)
4. Portal Knights PS4 (90)
5. Final Fantasy VIII PS1 (90)
6. Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo 3DS (89)

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Finally finished Nights of Azure 2.
I enjoyed it, although im a little annoyed as I came really close to getting the good ending but just ran out of time.
Will probably replay on ng+ but not for a while.
Now on to Rayman Legends.



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