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So the last week or two of school is upon us, and I was wondering if anyone had any essays or projects that they were working on. I have an observatory assignment in my astronomy class, two essays in my humanities class, and a small biography on a person for my histroy class. Of course, college may end a week earlier than most public schools, so I may be a bit early in asking, but I'm genuinely curious what kind of assingments people have.


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What person is your biography on?

Technically, we had a total of 4 to do over the semeser, an I could only do 2. One of them was Maxmiien Robespierre, and the other was a movie review as a substitution for one of the papers. The guidelines said that at least one of the four papers had to be on a woman, so perhaps either Marquis de Condorcet, or Olympe de Gouges, both from the French Revolution. Although, I could also do it on Marie Curie. She has a lot more information to work with.


Well I'm going through the hell of revising for exams while finishing a massive Economics project in for Wednesday. And I still need to make a massive PowerPoint for it.

Crap, better get on with it.

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well i got a 100 on my final exam friday honestly

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I've finished my finals this past early week. I had 2 final examinations for mathematics while I had an 8 page portfolio and a presentation to do for my language class.

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Not much so far.


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Let's see:

I have an in-class ELA project.
I have a History project due in a week that I haven't even started research on because I don't know the topic.
Next Monday, I have Algebra HSA.
Sometime in the next two weeks, I have finals in History and Algebra.

Does this sound more like high school than middle school?


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I'm still waiting for my tests to come in the mail. A day or two of doing those, then I'm done for the year. Man I love being homeschooled.


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1500 word essay due on Wednesday. No, I have not started. But, I've got the day off tomorrow!

I recently finished two 2000 word essays, one for English and one on Pedagogical Theory. Right after I finish the essay for Wednesday, I will officially declare "Ultimate Party Week"!

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I almost miss finals. At least I knew that afterwards, I had a break...

This seems like a prophecy...

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I don't have to take Finals anymore, thankfully.

Now I give them. Muwahaha.

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