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What's your favorite fighter? Mine is the ssb series, of course. Definitely the most original. Tons of nintendo themed stuff, and it's not like normal fighters that are only 2-p and you're inside a ring.



Rival Schools



Well being a major Nintendo nerd, how can my vote NOT go to the epitome of Nintendo fandom!

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Street Fighter.

specifically SSF2:TNC


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smash bros is number 1
marvel vs. capcom is number 2
mortal kombat vs. DC universe is 3

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rival schools was brilliant ,,,,,,, i cant stop playing def jam vendetta fight for new york though ....any one else played this

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Tekken was awesome

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I really like the Dead or Alive series, despite the fact that I only own DOA2: Hardcore. I'm not a button masher, so I really like the fact that I can counter someone's moves with little effort.

And no, I don't like the series for any other reason...nope, not me. DOA: T&A FTW!

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Tekken and the Street Fighter Alpha series are my favorites, I do like Smash Bros but it doesn't come close to being the best beat em up at all IMO.



Too many for me to pick just one...well, not too many, just three...

Rival Schools-absolutely loved it
Soul Edge/Soul Caliber
Samurai Showdown (just got an old Genesis copy with box and manual for $2.99 at used store )

Those are my three favorite.



Can't ever beat the Tekken series. Me and my brother still play Tekken 2 regularly whenever we fancy a fighting game.

I'm a Paul Heyman guy.

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Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers for the 2D fighters and SoulCalibur II (GCN) for the 3D ones. Also, blonde girls are the best. Cammy and Cassandra FTW!

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Damn, I forgot all about Soul Calibur! I'll make it my #2 series then. (Mmm, delicious dress-up mode in SCIV)

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There can be only one: Virtua Fighter 5. To be honest, I really prefer Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution for its dojo mode, but it doesn't look as good

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Jerichoholic+Josh wrote:

Anyone remember a 3D fighter on the Dreamcast with interactive environment. It looked pretty good. I played that in Toys R' Us back in the day, never had a Dreamcast though.

EDIT: Found it. Power Stone 1 and 2 They look awesome.

Power Stone is fantastic.

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i would have to go with Brawl, followed by Soul Calibur

......i still don't understand Soul Calibur's story


Smash Brothers is more like competitive platforming. It's hard to compare to other fighting games.

Historically, my favorite series has been Mortal Kombat (especially Trilogy and MK4 on N64) for its unrivaled ease of play, but I also like most of the Street Fighter series, and I've only recently started playing the Guilty Gear / Blaz Blue and ____ Vs. Capcom series, but both are quite fun.

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