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I didn't think anyone other than myself had played Fighter's Destiny! I'd certainly put it up there. The first Soul Calibur is very good and I remember Tekken 2 being quite fun.

However, the best has to be Dead or Alive Beach Vollyball Whore edition.



weirdadam wrote:

Djungelurban wrote:

SonicMaster wrote:

How come no one likes SSB?

it's fun alright, especially the Subspace Emissary mode.

You are a special kind of person.

What? I just like adventure/platforming more than versus fighters. Nothing wrong with that.


Sean+Aaron wrote:

I do recall enjoying the weirdness of Topal (I think that's what it was called -- with the lizard-man?) on the Playstation.

Are you thinking of Tobal No. 1? The one that had the Dragonball artist do the art for?

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Djungelurban, I didn't mean special as in deficient in some way, just that you truly are one of few, haha.

I actually hold the same preference as you (action/adventure over fighting), but I just didn't think the game pulled it off well at all. Felt too much like a Kirby game, which I'm not really into anymore.

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The subspace emissary was just a side thing! The real experience lies in classic and vs. mode.



SSB (favorite: Brawl), Tekken (favorite: Tekken 2), Street Fighter (favorite: Alpha 3, EX), Capcom VS games (favorite: Tatsunoko), Rival Schools (favorite: Rival Schools 2), Mortal Kombat (favorite: MK2), KOF (favorite: '97). I also liked Battle Arena Toshinden and Bloody Roar.

CowLaunch wrote:

I didn't think anyone other than myself had played Fighter's Destiny!.

I loved Fighter's Destiny ^^ I think almost as much as Tekken back in the day.

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weirdadam wrote:

Felt too much like a Kirby game

Might be why I liked it. Wouldn't say it's an amazing game... But given the choice between a stand alone Subspace Emissary and a stand alone Brawl (sans SE of course) I'd pick Subspace Emissary. All the major problems that it had were problems it shared with the main game so yeah...


Oh, I should say my favorite has to be Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast. I got my Dreamcast 3 years ago with that game and I still play it all the time. It's so simple yet so addicting. I also like the obscure Saturn game Fighters Megamix. That one had a TON of characters for '97

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