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SSB & SC. Dya remember Fighters Destiny, I absolutely adored the system behind that, and that crazy cow. Mooo. Never played the 2nd one hope it's get some VC love one day.



irken004 wrote:

......i still don't understand Soul Calibur's story

That's because its a terribly written, nonsensical mess. Luckily it has great gameplay to back it up.

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The+Fox wrote:

irken004 wrote:

......i still don't understand Soul Calibur's story

That's because its a terribly written, nonsensical mess. Luckily it has great gameplay to back it up.

True that!


The King of Fighters. Excellent gameplay and graphics. I'm gonna pick up The King of Fighters XII when it gets a drop price (won't be too long).

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Hard to pick one, but here's a list of my favorite fighters:
Soul Calibur (DC)
Guilty Gear (all games)
Rival Schools and Project Justice
Tekken 2, Tekken 3, TTT
Samurai Shodown 1 and 2
Super Street Fighter 2
Street Fighter EX series
Street Fighter Alpha series
Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2
King of fighters 99 evolution

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SSB is beyond the most perfect fighting series ever. 2nd Best would be Dragonball Z Tenkaichi 3.



Bushido Blade -- though it's not a "proper" fighting game, which is why I like it so.

Otherwise Samurai Shodown and King of Fighters. I do recall enjoying the weirdness of Topal (I think that's what it was called -- with the lizard-man?) on the Playstation.

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I always liked Mortal Kombat, myself, no matter how badly my younger brother would kick my ass at it. I could watch my buds play Soul Calibur for hours though.

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Soul Caliber was great on DC, but I just felt it never really evolved since then, still a good fighter though as is Powerstone.

As for the SSB series I think its a decent series, but I simply can't understand those that say its one of greats, great series to me include the likes of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Shenmue, Tekken and Street Fighter amongst others, to me SSB does not belong on that list, to me its a good series but its no classic IMO.



Street Fighter series and its spin-offs.

Edgey, Gumshoe, Godot, Sissel, Larry, then Mia, Franziska, Maggie, Kay and Lynne.

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i have to go with samurai showdown, or the vs. series as my two favorite ones

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street fighter
soul calibur
mortal kombat 1, 2, 3 only.
killer instinct
fighters destiny

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It was SoulEdge/Blade/Calibur before the female stereotypes got too disturbed... It's just distracting these days, and not in "ohmygodthisissohot!!!" kind of way but more in a "I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you, the air is free" kind of way... And also, the Star Wars cameos didn't help really... So these days... I don't know really... Nothing maybe?


How come no one likes SSB?



Soul Edge/Calibur series
Samurai Shodown series
Street Fighter series (especially the VS series)
Mortal Kombat series (especially MK vs DC)

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SonicMaster wrote:

How come no one likes SSB?

I like it well enough, but you asked for our favorites... Personally I find it a very enjoyable series, perhaps more so in concept than in gameplay though, but the controls aren't as tight as they should be and it's just too chaotic at times. But sure, it's fun alright, especially the Subspace Emissary mode.


Djungelurban wrote:

SonicMaster wrote:

How come no one likes SSB?

it's fun alright, especially the Subspace Emissary mode.

You are a special kind of person.

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Killer instinct is a favorite of mine. I loved getting those really long combos. It was cool how the ending was different depending on the difficulty you chose (If I remember right). I love how when you beat it on easy (at least in the first one) it said something like: So you beat easy. I hope you're happy with yourself!

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I forgot to mention Samurai Shodown and Soul Caliber. SSB is good but hasn't evolved enough over the past 3 games. We've gotten some new additional features, but the core gameplay has stayed the same. Play SSBB with some Ocarina codes and you'll see how much stuff you can do with the gameplay.

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