Topic: Do you plan to attain a career in gaming?

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I just fear that u cant get that rich and famous today with videogames. Every "videogame star" I know (Miyamoto, Meier, Wright, Schaefer, Carmack and so on) startet his carreer in the mid 80s or 90s. Today,it seems that there are only faceless drones in big corperates and you rather now EAs or Sonys press manager then any of their game desingers...

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Yes. I make games even now.


Well currently I work on Xbox live projects with a guy who goes to my highschool. As for the future, I'd say my career will be in gaming considering I'm the next president of Nintendo.

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I plan to go to full sail university, and going for a bachelors in game development and game art.

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I wish but Im better off playing them. Tommorrow is my last day with Pepsi and next week I start with Northrop Grumman. Goin to build Battleships (Destroyers mostly, some Aircraft Carriers and Coast Guard also) Can Not Wait. They are payin for all my shool and me to go to school. More money mean more gaming and I will have a LOT more time off for gaming as well

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Good lord no. Unless I could be a game reviewer--writing is one of my strong suits. Not on forums though. I just can't write or act like myself on forums. It's a bit weird, talking to random people I don't know.

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I would never do such. At first it seemed pretty simple when I was few years old, but it just seems like a good way to hate life, what with the deadlines to meet, and horrible atmosphere.

Well thats my opinion nyway. Hope I dint offend anybody. If I did Ima sorry...

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